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Hygiene Tribune U.S. Edition

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | January 2015 C3 Ad INDUSTRY NEWS Designs for Vision is excited to be pre- senting several new products at the Yan- kee Dental Congress. “Designs for Vision was started by my father, Dr. William Feinbloom, as an op- tical company, and during the 1970s our magnification and illumination prod- ucts found applications in operating rooms and in operatories,” said compa- ny President Richard Feinbloom. “This year we are featuring our ULTRA Mini 2.5x Telescopes, Nike® Retro and DVI Sport frames, and the NanoCamHD™ loupe-mounted video camera.” A pair of ULTRA Mini Telescopes weigh as little as 34 grams (1.2 ounces) and are 40 percent smaller than regular telescopes, thus allowing for easier pe- ripheral vision. “The ULTRA Mini Telescopes,” Fein- bloom said, “like our world renowned Dental Telescopes, provide 2.5x magnifi- cation that is fully customized to the in- dividual user, providing ergonomic ad- vantages to our customers. Designs for Vision matches the focal length of each telescope to the ideal working distance of our customers. This way the depth of focus surrounds their ideal working distance, instead of adapting to a pre-set focal length. “We have been working with dentists and hygienists who required true 2.5x magnification, but desired a lighter, smaller device for all-day use. Designs for Vision wanted to design and engi- neer a full feature system that offered all of the features our customers expect of a Designs for Vision product. The lens system uses the same precision-coated optics as our traditional magnification systems. We can also accommodate eye- glass prescriptions into the ULTRA Mini Telescopes.” Exclusive Nike Retro frames The Nike Retro frames are exclusive to Designs for Vision. Available in tortoise shell, black and translucent gray, the Nike Retro has a classic look. The DVI Sport frames can be used for all magni- fications and can incorporate eyeglass prescriptions — providing the protec- tive wrap without any distortion. Designs for Vision’s new NanoCamHD records digitally at 1080 high-definition resolution. The NanoCamHD records magnified HD images from the user’s perspective. The complete system in- cludes 2.5x, 3.5x and 4.5x lens systems to match the typical magnifications, pro- viding a true user’s point of view. As an added feature, still photographs can be taken from live video feed or dur- ing playback mode. The video or still im- ages can be uploaded into a patient file, included in a presentation or course, or shared with a colleague or laboratory for collaborative consultations. The NanoCamHD complete system in- cludes a color corrected ULTRA Mini LED DayLite® headlight. The combination headlight/NanoCamHD can be attached to loupes or can be worn on a lightweight headband. The system also includes a foot pedal to enable hands-free operation of the NanoCamHD. Record/pause, mute/ unmute and still photography are con- trolled by the operator hands-free via the pedal. For best results, combine the NanoCamHD with Designs for Vision’s dental telescopes. Matching true magnification levels of 2.5x, 3.5x or 4.5x can pro- duce realistic simulation from the user’s perspective. The NanoCam can also be attached to the new Nike Retro frames or the new DVI Sport frames. Visit Designs for Vision at the Yankee Dental Congress at booths Nos. 1000 or 1827 to see the “Visible Difference®” yourself. (Source: Designs for Vision) See the ‘Visible Difference’ This year at the Yankee Dental Congress, Designs for Vision is featuring its ULTRA Mini 2.5x tele- scopes, Nike Retro and DVI Sport frames, and the NanoCamHD loupe mounted video camera. Photo/Provided by Designs for Vision YDC BOOTH NOs. 1000, 1827

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