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Endo Tribune Asia Pacific Edition

Since 1905, MICRO- MEGA has been at the heart of great technological revo- lutions in the field of dentistry. Today, the French pioneering company is still de- livering turnkey en- dodontic solutions to practitioners around theworld.Atthestartofaseries of innovations, Dental Tribune International recently trav- elled to Besançon in France to meet Managing Director Dr Laurent Bataillard and Endodontics Business Unit Di- rector Dr Didier Lakomsky to discuss how their company intends to reassert its global reputationofFrenchexpertise, which it established in 1907 when it introduced its first nerve broach. DentalTribune:DrLaurent Bataillard, you have been the Managing Director of MICRO- MEGA for almost a year now. What is your background? DrLaurentBataillard:Iama physics engineer with a speciali- sation in metallurgy. The subject of my doctoral dissertation was in fact phase transformation in nickel-titanium wires for use in endodontics. After my doctorate, I worked in the metalworking industry for several years and held various positions in re- search and development, pro- duction,operationsandmanage- ment until Sanavis recruited me. That is how I came to join MICRO-MEGA—kind of a return to the roots. What were the benefits of the company’s takeover by the Sanavis Group in 2009? The Sanavis Group is one of the ten most important dental equipment suppliers in the world. The grouping of the com- panies MICRO-MEGA, SciCan and SycoTec is now able to offer practitioners worldwide a com- prehensive range of innova- tive solutions: endodontic files, micro-motors, and complete re- treatment and hygiene systems. There is a strong product syn- ergy today between the vari- ous group entities. MICRO- MEGA’s core business is endodontics. Our historical expertise started with the nervebroachandisconstantly evolving with the latest tech- nologies.Dothingsdifferently and/or create something new based on our knowledge— that is our challenge for the years to come. French consumers seem to be very sensitive when it comes to the country of origin of the products they buy. What does “madeinFrance”meantoyou? It reflects the intent, among others, to maintain our industry in France and in Besançon and to avoid outsourcing of jobs abroad. MICRO-MEGA has been designing, manufacturing and marketing dental surgical in- struments in the heart of the French watchmaking and mi- crotechnology capital for over a century now. We invest in research, inno- vation, marketing, design and training for the men and women whoaretobecomethemainrole- players of future innovations. Training for these innovations and the acquisition of new skills needed for future professions within the company are a central partofourstrategy.Eachnewde- velopment in dentistry and tech- nology leads to training sessions for our staff. That is why our employees are strongly commit- ted to their company and the turnover rate is extremely low. Furthermore, all production stages, from the product design to the delivery of the final prod- uct, take place under one roof. This results in great flexibility and quick response, an impor- tantsynergybetweenthevarious entities, perfect control of the entire production process, as well as optimised traceability and follow-up. Despite our international ori- entation, we need to remember where we come from. We have strengthened our presence in Besançon and in France through partnerships with university hospitals and local practitioners, and we are even considering pa- tronage of a local modern con- cert hall. Howdoyouintendtoimple- mentyourinternationaldevel- opment strategy? By responding to everyone’s needs closely. The Garniers, the company’s founding family, have always collaborated with the great names in the history of dentistry. These successful part- nerships have brought about revolutionary products, like the nerve broach, the Giromatic (first contra-angle with reciprocating movement), the HERO 642 se- quence (first MICRO-MEGA NiTi sequence, developed by Profs. P. Calas and J.-M. Vulcain), Revo-S (NiTi sequence with three in- struments, designed by Drs J.-P. Mallet and F. Diemer) and One Shape (first single instrument in continuous rotation, devel- oped by Profs. F. Pérez and M. Guigand). We are currently strengthen- ing our presence all over the world through conferences and training for dentists. Our aim is to continue our strong develop- ment in Asia while consolidating our position in Europe and the US. We work with the opinion leaders of the main European markets and conduct precisely targeted studies in order to offer complete and specific endo- dontic solutions corresponding to practitioners’ habits. Our strength lies in our products’ quality, simplicity, security and efficiency: these are the key- words that define our day-to-day work. Is ecology a matter of con- cern for you? Naturally, we try to recycle as much as possible and to avoid waste. We also seek ongoing im- provementofourmanufacturing processes. Dr Lakomsky, what is your role in the company? Endodontic treatment in the future will be simpler and standardised An exclusive interview with Drs Laurent Bataillard and Didier Lakomsky, MICRO-MEGA “Our aim is to continue our strong development in Asia while consolidating our position in Europe and the US.” Dr Laurent Bataillard Dr Didier Lakomsky Business ENDOTRIBUNE Asia Pacific Edition No. 3/201522

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