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Endo Tribune Asia Pacific Edition

Dr Didier Lakomsky: MICRO- MEGA’s reputation is based on technical expertise combined with comprehensive networking with dental professionals. My role is to define and implement high-performing products in close co-operation with en- dodontic specialists, general practitioners and distribution partners worldwide. Ensuring benefit from these exchanges with practitioners, anticipating future market needs and trans- forming them into relevant tech- nical solutions are also part of my function at MICRO-MEGA. A structural consequence of my work is the grouping of the mar- keting and the research and development departments con- cerning product planning in the short, medium and long term. In this regard, I encourage and support synergies. What do you think endo- dontic treatment will look like in the future? Above all, it will be simpler andmorestandardised.Continu- ous rotation and reciprocating motion are currently enjoying irrefutable success. This evo- lution—one could even call it a revolution—hasenabledgeneral practitioners to increase the numberofendodontictreatments performed in their practice. In- creasingendodontictreatmentis atrendthatislikelytocontinuein the coming years. In the future, endodontic treatment will be quicker, but will still respect bacterial pre- ventionstandards.Sodiumhypo- chlorite may be replaced by a new irrigation solution that offers the same efficiency while reducing the irrigation time. We can expect solutions that are more sophisticated and that have scientifically proven effec- tiveness. The technological evo- lutions will extend gradually over the next three to five years. Practitioners will work with in- creasingly flexible and resistant materials, allowing the treat- ment of even complex root canals, and with imaging tech- niques like CBCT, offering an extremely precise 3-D visualisa- tion of the root canal structure and enabling practitioners to choose the appropriate treat- ment method according to the anatomical and clinical com- plexity.Thisisoftenreferredtoas stratification. In the longer term, the introduction of pulp regen- eration techniques according to theclinicalcaseisexpected,with diagnostic methods allowing the evaluation of the reversibility of a case of pulpitis. What are MICRO-MEGA’s objectives today? Our goals are to provide gen- eral practitioners with solutions that make endodontic treatment reproducible and as simple as possible, to enable them to in- crease their number of cases and to improve their success rate significantly. The last is a fundamental condition for our company’s success. Thank you very much for the interview. DT The Dental Tribune International C.E. Magazines Shipping address City Country Phone Fax Signature Date PayPal | Credit Card Credit Card Number Expiration Date Security Code €44/magazine (4 issues/year; incl. shipping and VAT for customers in Germany) and €46/magazine (4 issues/year; incl. shipping for customers outside Germany).** Your subscription will be renewed automatically every year until a written cancellation is sent to Dental Tribune International GmbH, Holbeinstr. 29, 04229 Leipzig, Germany, six weeks prior to the renewal date. 4 issues per year | * 2 issues per year *** €56/magazine (4 issues/year; incl. shipping and VAT) ** Prices for 2 issues/year are €22 and €23 respectively per year. CAD/CAM cone beam cosmetic dentistry* DT Study Club (France)*** gums* implants laser ortho prevention* roots I would like to subscribe to \ SUBSCRIBE NOW! fax: +49 341 48474 173 | e-mail: AD ENDOTRIBUNE Asia Pacific Edition No. 3/2015 Business 23 \ SUBSCRIBE NOW! fax: +4934148474173 | e-mail:

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