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technique _ monolithic posterior tooth restorations I _Fabricationofthepermanentrestorations Threemonthslater,itwastimetofocusontheper- manent restorations. In an effort to keep the treat- mentwithmonolithicrestorationsasstraightforward aspossible,theexistingdataset,whichhadbeenvali- datedbymeansofthelongtermtemporaries,wasused (Fig. 7). We selected the translucent zirconium oxide Zenostar Zr Translucent for the restorations. This ma- terial comes in disc form and in six different shades. Wedecidedtousethe“sun”variant,whichwouldgive the restorations a warm, reddish foundation. Various possibilitiesoffinishingtherestorationwereavailable afterthemillingprocess(Zenotecselect)(Fig.8).Inthis case, the unsintered structures were characterized with the colour infiltration method. Fig.8_The milled crowns before theyweretrimmedfromthezirconium oxide disc. Figs. 9a & b_The unsintered structure is carefully ground and smoothed. Figs. 10a & b_Brush infiltration before sintering: The colouring liquid is applied in the cervical areas. I 23CAD/CAM 2_2015 Fig. 8 Fig. 9a Fig. 10a Fig. 9b Fig. 10b

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