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CAD/CAM - international magazine of digital dentistry

I industry news _ Planmeca _The field of digital dentistry is rapidly evolv- ing, with new dental technologies emerging as part of a more efficient and comprehensive workflow. By pairing Planmeca CAD/CAM solutions with radi- ographic units in the Planmeca ProMax 3D family, dental professionals can bring together a wide range of detailed information for treatment plan- ning and diagnostic purposes. This seamless combination of CAD/CAM and CBCT tech- nology presents new possibilities in creat- ing a new standard of care for patients, of- fering high-quality features for different specialities, all available through one soft- ware interface. PlanmecaRomexisistheonlydentalsoft- ware platform in the world to combine all imagingandthecompleteCAD/CAM workflow. This powerful solution is at the heart of the Planmeca eco- system,asitprovidesdentalpro- fessionals with the ability to ac- quire datasets that are more de- tailedthaneverbefore.Planmeca Romexisincludesadvancedtools for all specialities, such as im- plantplanningandotherrestora- tive treatments. The software pres- ents dental clinics with a superior way to in- crease their patient flow and improve the level of care offered. _Seeing more than ever before Bringing together CBCT data and CAD/CAM work provides a comprehensive level of clarity. Planmeca ProMax3Dimagingunitsrevealintricateinformation on soft- and hard-tissue structures, including the mandibularnervecanal,whilethePlanmecaPlanScan intra-oral scanner captures precise data above the gingival margin. This combination of data ensures a complete understanding of any caseandmakes3-Dprostheticdesignquick, accurateandeasy.Clinicsareabletooperate more flexibly, as restorations can either be milled in-house with the Planmeca PlanMill 40 milling unit or easily sent to a dental lab- oratory in an open STL data format. _The rise of same-day dentistry A more active role in the manufacture of restora- tions opens up avenues for dental clinics to signifi- cantly increase their patient volume and grow their business. A streamlined digital workflow ensures the fullutilizationofresources,leadingtoamoreefficient treatment environment. Same-day dentistry is as beneficialforpatientsasitisforclinics:insteadoftwo visits,patientscanbetreatedin1hour—withnotem- porary crowns or physical dental models required. _Open architecture for maximized efficiency Standardizeddataisthedrivingforcebehindmany of the latest developments in digital dentistry, as it guarantees the interoperability of images and dental data across different hardware platforms—reducing costs, increasing predictability and enhancing pa- tientsafety.BringingPlanmeca’sCBCTandCAD/CAM systems together through Planmeca Romexis makes effective chairside dentistry a reality and presents dentistswithastreamlinedopportunitytogrowtheir practice substantially._ Awinning combination: CAD/CAM and CBCT in one 34 I CAD/CAM 2_2015 Planmeca Oy Asentajankatu 6 00880 Helsinki Finland CAD/CAM_contact

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