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I industry news _ exocad nology,forexample,toachieveanevenmorerealistic representation of different tooth colours and mate- rials (Fig. 5). In combination with 2-D photographs, this will make it even easier to plan treatment out- comesandanoptimizedmarketingtoolisavailable.It is true that it has been possible to load photographs in exocad DentalCAD for quite some time, but owing to the new webcam integration, it is now especially easy (Fig. 6). Shots can also be imported from several perspectives and each positioned spatially or certain areas can be cropped out and overlaid or blanked out at any time, for example to visualise the lip line. If required, there is an option to export a 3-D PDF of the plan, including notes in the 3-D space, in order to obtain the dentist’s feedback, for example. In de- signing, the wizard can now be opened and closed at will without the history being lost. Access to fre- quently used features has been made easier, so that displaying penetration by the counter bite is achiev- able with just one click of the mouse. Plus,newnotifications,forexamplewithcontext- sensitiveprompts,ensurethattheuserismadeaware whenever the software notices inefficient working methods.Thismaybethecase,forexample,whenever time-saving hot keys, that is, key combinations for specific commands, are not used. The tools for free forming have been developed with the claim of being able to do everything that is possible in wax. Among other things, any geometrics can be added or subtracted and marked via the new paint and pull features for dynamic reshaping. For example, interlocks can now be designed more flexi- bly (Fig. 7). Furthermore, the ZRS Wiedmann Dental Library (Manfred Wiedmann Gesicht und Zähne) has been expanded with additional posterior teeth sam- ples(Fig.8)andourModelCreatornowevensupports the use of implant libraries (Fig. 9). _For those who like experimenting In November 2014, exocad announced its pur- chaseofSTI’sSensAbleDentalLabSystem.According to exocad’s executive board, this is the most flexible and high-performance platform for model casting designs currently available. However, its operation is said to be rather complicated and only suitable for power users so far. Thesoftwareisnowavailableasatechnologypre- view for exocad users to download free of charge at An integrated and optimised version will appear during the year._ Fig. 7_Improved tools for free forming provide new options, such as flexible interlock designs. Fig. 8_ZRS Wiedmann’s anterior dental library has been expanded. Fig. 9_Model Creator supports the use of implant libraries. 38 I CAD/CAM 2_2015 exocad Julius-Reiber-Str.37 64293 Darmstadt Germany CAD/CAM_contact Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Fig. 9

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