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I industry news _ Interdent _With over 35 years of experience, a mission to produce quality products and an environment in whichtheuserplaysthedecisiverole,Interdentisnow presentingCAD/CAMtechnologywithunlimitedpos- sibilities. The company’s mission has always been to keep trackofnewtrendsindentalcare.CAD/CAMtechnol- ogy has been on the market for over 20 years; however,despiteitsinitialboom,itde- veloped rather slowly. At the begin- ning, it was based on processing mi- nor non-metal ceramic restorations, buttherewereproblemsconcerningpreci- sion, speed and the choice of availablema- terial at the time. Today, the precision of gingival fit is already extremely fine, al- thoughdifferencesremainbetweenthesys- tems.Withadequatematerialsavailable,itis also possible to mill larger restorations; however, there are many systems on the market that fail to provide comprehensive systems for dental laboratories. Systems are limited to milling only certain materials and,furthermore, many providers charge li- cence fees, which means an additional cost for the user along with the initial investment. Every new technology takes time to become com- plete and to find their way on the market. This year, Interdent paved the way with its new milling units: CC POWER, CC COSMO and CC TRENDY, which are available to users of various profiles. The needs of dental technicians across the world differ greatly, primarily depending on the existing capacities and development of therespectivedentallaboratory. The needs of a laboratory em- ploying 200 people are signifi- cantly different from the needs of a laboratory employing ten people. Since Interdent is fo- cusedontheinternationalmar- ket, it adopted a broad per- spective during development (Figs. 1a–c). This was the reason for producing CC POWER, which with its immense power of 2.5kW is suitable for the most demanding of users, as it is able to op- erate 24/7, maintaining productivity and precision, while the compact CC COSMO and CC TRENDY are intended for medium-sized laboratories that will largely use the device for their own needs. All three units are extremely compact, with all components placed on a seamless cast-iron block not bound to the housing, thus preventing vibrations and provid- ing greater precision. The major difference between theunitsliesinpower,andalloftheunitsallowfive- axis simultaneous milling. The axes are driven by al- ternating current servo-motors made pursuant to the top industrial standards and ensuring very pre- cise movements, a long service life and the accurate processing of all materials. Bothunitsenablewet and dry milling and in- clude a holder for 18 (CC POWER),20(CCCOSMO) and eight (CC TRENDY) burs. Hence, the user does not waste time changing burs for the ma- terial to be milled. The unit au- tomatically selects the neces- sary bur and, if required, re- places it during milling (Fig. 2). Figs. 1a–c_Milling units CC POWER (a), CC COSMO (b) and CC TRENDY (c). Enter the world of CAD/CAM technology with Interdent Author_ Urša Zagožen 40 I CAD/CAM 2_2015

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