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I industry news _ Straumann _At Europe’s leadingdentaltradefair,theInterna- tionalDentalShow(IDS)inCologneinGermany,Strau- mann presented a number of new products and solu- tions that—together with new partnerships—bring the groupclosertoitsgoalofbecomingacompletesolution provider and, thus, the partner of choice in tooth re- placementforbothdentistsanddentallaboratories. _Further advances in implants Sincethe2013IDS,Straumannhaslauncheditsfully ceramic implant (Straumann PURE) and has success- fullyupgradedthemajorityofitssurgicalcustomersto theuniquehighperformanceimplantmaterialRoxolid, which has been extended throughout the Straumann implant range. Owing to its excellent biocompatibility and strength (greater than pure titanium), Roxolid makesitpossibletousesmallerimplants,whichinturn can avoid the need for bone augmentation, reducing treatmentinvasiveness. New-generationBoneLevelTaperedImplant Roxolid is a key feature of Straumann’s new Bone Level Tapered Implant, which offers high surgical flexi- bility and primary stability. With the controlled market releasehavingbeencompleted,thenewimplantisnow available in various endosteal diameters (3.3, 4.1 and 4.8mm)andlengths(8–16mm),andoffersabroadrange ofprostheticoptions.Itsdesignoffershighprimarysta- bility for immediate or early loading and, with Strau- mann’s SLActive surface to enhance osseointegration, implant healing time is significantly reduced—making thisanew-generationboneleveltaperedimplant. _Acompletefamilyofrestorativesolutions Straumann is placing significant emphasis on en- hanced products, technologies and workflows for den- tallaboratories—fromsimpleVariobaseAbutmentsand milling blanks with original Straumann connections to newhigh-techceramics,state-of-the-artin-laboratory milling machines, scanners, advanced CAD/CAM func- tionality and centralized milling services. Together with thepartnersinitstechnologyplatform,thegroupisable to offer total solutions to dental laboratories around the world. More information on these and other new launches was shared at a dedicated Lunch and Learn sessionfordentallaboratoryprofessionalsduringIDS. StraumannProArch,acomprehensivecombination The Bone Level Tapered Implant is an important component in Straumann’s Pro Arch solution, which was first exhibited at this year’s IDS. Pro Arch is a com- prehensive combination of implants, abutments, CAD/ CAM frameworks, auxiliary components and educa- tionalsupportthatenablecliniciansanddentallabora- tories to provide accelerated fixed full-arch rehabilita- tion. This approach reduces the number of treatment sessions and thus minimizes disruption to patients’ dailylives.Mostimportantly,itoffersfixedfull-archre- placements rather than removable dentures, which manypatientsviewasartificialandinconvenient. The Pro Arch solution includes a selection of sleek new abutments and auxiliary components that offer a wide range of prosthetic options for screw-retained restorations. The low abutment profile, varied angu- lations (17 and 30 degrees) and gingival heights give dentists exceptional flexibility to provide individual solutions,includingtiltedposteriorimplants. CARESBasicandAdvancedFixedBars CARESVisual9.0,thelatestsoftwareforStraumann’s CAD/CAM system, adds the functionality for custom- milled bar options and designs to support the final restoration. This means that clinicians can now provide custom-milledframeworks—bothatimplantandabut- mentlevels.Inadditiontotitaniumandcoron(thecom- pany’scobalt–chromiumalloy)options,Straumannwill beintroducingzirconiumdioxideframeworksthisyear. StraumannVariobasebecomesafamily At the 2013 IDS, Straumann introduced the CARES Variobase Abutment, the basis for a cost-effective hy- bridsolutionconsistingofatitaniumbondingbaseand azirconiumdioxidecoping.Thiswastocomplementits existing range of customized abutments and to offer laboratoriesthecombinedbenefitofametal–metalim- plant–abutment interface with an original Straumann connection and a variety of aesthetic shades. The pop- Multiple new solutions presented at IDS 2015 bring Straumann closer to being a total solution provider of choice 44 I CAD/CAM 2_2015

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