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meetings _ IDS I 68 per cent) and a 17 per cent increase in the num- beroftradevisitorsfromabroadthelevelofinterna- tionality of the event was once again significantly increased. At the same time, the number of trade visitors from Germany also increased markedly in comparison to 2013 (+4.3 per cent). "We succeeded in making the International Den- tal Show in Cologne even more attractive, on both a national and international basis. It is thus the most successful IDS of all time," summed up Dr Martin Rickert, Chairman of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI). "The quality of the businesscontactsbetweentheindustryandthetrade as well as between the indus- try, dentists and dental tech- nicians was extremely high. The number of orders placed atIDSroseonceagainandwe are reckoning with sustain- ableimpulsesforthepost-fair follow-up business," added Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer of Koeln- messe GmbH. Furthermore she said: "In addition to the growth in the number of German trade vis- itors, the high international response once again under- lines the character of IDS as the world's leading trade fair of the dental industry. TheInternationalDentalShowparticularlyrecorded strong growth in the number of visitors from the NearandMiddleEast,theUnitedStatesandCanada, Brazil as well as from China, Japan and Korea. The business in the South East European market, espe- cially Italy and Spain, has also increased noticeably." _Strong interest in innovations Thetradeandtheuserswereextremelyinterested in innovative products and technologies. "In this respect, staged every two years, IDS fits in perfectly with the innovation cycles of theindustry regarding the development and further development of prod- ucts, materials and services," emphasised Dr Markus Heibach,ExecutiveDirectorofVDDI."Thisappliesfor both breakthrough innovations and further devel- opments of existing products, but also for develop- ment progress in smaller phases that are however significant in terms of quality." IDS 2015 focused on the intelligent networking of components for computer-controlled dentistry. Today, the world of digital systems in diagnostics and production encompasses the entire workflow from the practise through to the laboratory. The computer-con- trolled process chains are in the meantime complete and are put- ting their enormous flexibility to use. _Fantastic outcome of the trade fair and excellent mood The hustle and bustle in the hallsmadethehighattendanceat IDS very apparent. By all accounts, representatives from all relevant professional groups—from dentists' surgeries,dentallaboratories,fromthedentaltrade, but also from the higher education sector—from all over the world had visited the exhibition stands. The exhibitors were especially pleased about the high levelofinternationalityofthetradevisitors.Interms of business, IDS was very successful for many com- panies, because orders were placed—by both na- tional and international customers. Numerous companies were pleased to an- nounce full order books. Aspects such as grooming contacts, customer bonding, winning over new cus- tomers or penetrating new foreign markets were at least equally important for the exhibitors. These goalswerealsoachievedtocompletesatisfactionat the 36th International Dental Show. The exhibitors evaluated the quality of the visitors very positively. This finding is confirmed by the initial results of an independent visitor survey: 83 per cent of all of the visitors are involved in purchasing decisions at their company. "The world meets up at IDS in Cologne," summed up Sebastian Voss, managing partner of Hager & I 53CAD/CAM 2_2015

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