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daily AAE San Francisco April 06, 2016

exhibitors Endo Tribune U.S. Edition | April 6, 2016 10 By CJM Engineering staff Available from CJM Engineering, Munce Discovery Burs™ are designed to be the answer to calcified canals, uncov- ering hidden canals, troughing the isth- mus and cement-line dissection around posts. The long, narrow yet stiff shafts are de- signed to provide an excellent view corri- dor and ensure positive control, with the familiar tactile feedback of round burs. The carbide tips enable post-core out and broken or cross-threaded implant screw drill-out. Unlike ultrasonics, Munce Discovery Burs are heatless, not prone to spontane- ous breakage and create a more readable surface. The 31 mm Shallow Troughers and the original 34 mm Deep Troughers have color-coded head sizes, in ¼, ½, 1, 2, 3 and 4. The 31 mm #6 Endodontic Cari- esectomy bur assists with caries removal from deep within the access cavity and from the internal aspects of crown mar- gins. Available: Munce Discovery Burs Dr. C. John Munce invented Munce Dis- covery Burs in 2004, after he noticed a lack of an economical and efficient alter- native to ultrasonic tips. Today, he pro- vides the burs to clinicians worldwide via his family-owned company, CJM En- gineering. The company began in 1997 with Munce’s first patented invention, the Root Canal Projectors. Munce lectures worldwide, has a full- time clinical practice in Santa Barbara, Calif., has contributed to numerous text- books and is an endodontic faculty mem- ber at both Loma Linda University and USC schools of dentistry. CJM Engineering has an exhibit booth at AAE16. Dental professionals are invited to stop by booth No. 230 to speak with Dr. Munce and to learn more about the features of the Munce Discovery Burs. By Vista Dental Products staff SmearOFF™ by Vista Dental Products can effectively replace two commonly used solutions: EDTA and CHX. SmearOFF is an EDTA-based formula enhanced with chlorhexidine. It not only effectively removes the smear layer but also kills bacteria in one easy step, ac- cording to the company, which asserts that SmearOFF removes significantly more canal debris compared to standard 17 percent EDTA and leaves the root canal surface cleaner by opening a greater per- centage of dentin tubules. Additionally, according to the com- pany, SmearOFF provides the added ben- efit of killing root canal bacteria. Unlike some other two-in-one mixes, SmearOFF is compatible with sodium hypochlorite and will not form a precipitate, eliminat- ing steps and saving time with each pro- cedure. Here at the AAE To learn more about SmearOFF, visit vista-dental. com, call (877) 418-4782 or stop by the Vista Dental Products booth, No. 617. Vista’s SmearOFF: One product, multiple benefits Photo/Provided by Vista Dental Products By Pac-Dent International staff Pac-Dent International has launched a full endodontic product line under the PacEndo name. According to the compa- ny, the PacEndo product line continues the company’s ideal of value being the perfect balance of quality and price for the customer. Among the new products are Pac- Fil™ PC (plastic carrier) and GPC (gutta- percha carrier) thermal obturators. Ac- cording to the company, they feature the best level of precision, performance and radiopacity. Both types can be used to obturate any constant or variable .04 to .10 tapered ca- nal ISO size 20 to 50. PacFil’s heated alpha-phase gutta- percha is formulated to provide excellent and precise canal filling, according to the company. The coating is designed for easier cleanup and improved placement accuracy. PacFil obturators are highly ra- diopaque and compatible for use in the most popular gutta-percha obturator ovens. The PacFil Verifiers make precise sizing fast and easy. The PacFil GPC also offers the added benefit of making post space preparation easy. According to the company, the ad- vantages of this product include the fol- lowing: • Calibration rings facilitate in setting working length. • Works with your current obturator oven at the same settings. • Easy to get 3-D fills for all canal types. • ISO-sized system for compatibility. Both the PacFil PC and the PacFil GPC come in a wide variety of sizes. Here at the AAE For more information on the PacFil PC (plastic carrier) and GPC (gutta-percha carrier) thermal obturators, stop by the Pac-Dent International booth, No. 635. For more information about PacEndo products or to request a catalog, contact Pac-Dent International at (909) 839-0888 or visit the company online at At left, PacFil GPC (gutta-percha carrier) thermal obturators. Photos/Provided by Pac-Dent International PacEndo unveils new obturation system Munce Discovery Burs. Photo/ Provided by CJM Engineering Here at the AAE Stop by booth No. 230 to speak with Dr. Munce and to learn more about the features of the Munce Dis- covery Burs.

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