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daily AAE San Francisco April 06, 2016

exhibitors Endo Tribune U.S. Edition | April 6, 2016 12 Irritrol: A single-step irrigation solution A full product review of Irritrol is be- ing published in the April 2016 issue of The Dental Advisor. It can also be found online at Here at the AAE To check out Irritrol, a single-step endodontic irri- gation solution formulated for use as a final rinse after sodium hypochlorite, stop by the Essential Dental Systems (EDS) booth, No. 823. By Essential Dental Systems staff Irritrol — available from Essential Dental Systems (EDS) — is a single-step endodontic irrigation solution formu- lated for use as a final rinse after sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). Irritrol contains chlorhexadine (CHX) and EDTA to disin- fect the root canal and remove the smear layer. According to EDS, it has a proven disinfection rate of 99.99 percent. This two-in-one endodontic irrigation solution was recently evaluated by 25 Dental Advisor consultants in 424 uses. Irritrol endodontic irrigating solution received a 91 percent clinical rating (4.5 out of 5 stars). The majority of consul- tants said they would recommend and/ or switch to Irritrol. Comments from consultants included the following: • “During irrigation with Irritrol, an amazing amount of debris is eliminated from the canal. I could see it bubble out.” • “The green color makes it easy to identify and differentiate from other ir- rigating solutions.” • “Simplicity of using our two favorite irrigation products with one solution.” • “No waiting period for it to work.” The consultants who reviewed this irri- gation solution rated the product highly for items such as efficiency, ease of use, color and integration into their endodon- tic procedures. By Roydent Dental Products staff Available from Roydent Dental Prod- ucts is 2Seal easymiX Root Canal Sealer, an easy-to-use, auto-mix epoxy resin sealer. The double chamber syringe guar- antees a consistent, ideal mix ratio with less waste, according to Roydent. This product was re-launched recently in newly branded packaging. “We are excited to offer this solution to our customers once again,” said Nancy Connor, sales and marketing manager of Roydent. “2Seal easymiX is a safe and ideal way for doctors to achieve one-handed dis- Available from Roydent: 2Seal easymiX pensing and precise placement in the ca- nal. It is also extremely radiopaque and biocompatible.” This sealer may be used with any obtu- ration method — warm, heated or cold. It is available in a package of two mix- ing syringes (item No. 102501R). Each syringe contains 15 g of material. Also 2Seal easymiX. Photo/Provided by Roydent available are mix tips for the syringes packaged 40 per box (item No. 102052R). The 360° Flex mix tips rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering, enabling doctors to place the sealer directly in the root ca- nal system at any angle. 2Seal easymiX is available from any au- thorized Roydent distributor. More infor- mation is available at (800) 992-7767 or You can also visit the com- pany at booth No. 228. By MounceEndo staff is introducing and displaying the following new products here in its booth, No. booth 539: • MounceEndoOBC (orifice barrier com- posite). MounceEndoOBC is available in three colors (red, blue and green). Avail- able online after the AAE. • Denmat/Hartzell endodontic hand and microsurgical instruments. Avail- able online after the AAE. • D&S Cross Cut nickel titanium files. Available in controlled memory nickel titanium, Cross Cut can safely and ef- ficiently be rotated and/or reciprocated both clockwise and counter clockwise with equal effectiveness. Available online now. All of the above products are made in the United States. The company is also pleased to an- nounce its first ever hospitality event to be held Friday night from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Press Club in San Francisco. The Press Club is located at the foot of the Four Sea- sons Hotel and within walking distance of the Moscone Center. All endodontists and staff are welcome to join Rich and Laura Mounce for an See new products from MounceEndo evening of complimentary light refresh- ments and beverages in a warm and cor- dial atmosphere. Stop by the Mounce- Endo booth for tickets and a map to the venue. In addition to the new products on display, MounceEndo specializes in bulk hand file orders of Mani K, H and Ream- ers. Prices for Mani K, H and Reamer files as low as $2.95 a box can be obtained for purchases in the correct quantity. MounceEndo has also introduced a new “Close out” section on MounceEndo. com where you can find heavily dis- counted prices on burs, paper points and gutta-percha. Limited to stock on hand. MounceEndo is constantly working to improve its product offerings and customer service, according to the com- pany. If there is a specific product and/ or service or you need, you can contact MounceEndo at or call (605) 791-7000. Here at the AAE To learn more about the 2Seal easymiX, stop by the Rodent booth, No. 228. Here at the AAE To check out MounceEndo’s new selection of prod- ucts or to pick up tickets for the company’s hospi- tality night, taking place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Fri- day at the Press Club at the foot of the Four Seasons Hotel, stop by the booth, No. 539. D&S Cross Cut nickel titanium files. Photo/Provided by MounceEndo Irritrol is a new, two-in-one endodontic irrigation solution. Photo/Provided by Essential Dental Systems (EDS)

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