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daily AAE San Francisco April 06, 2016

from page one Endo Tribune U.S. Edition | April 6, 2016 3 Ad debates, talk show-style interviews, pan- el discussions and some shorter, more focused programs we’re calling ‘CE Ex- press.’” New educational tracks at AAE16 in- clude “Interdisciplinary Care and Derail- ment.” The interdisciplinary care track will bring together endodontic experts and leaders in orofacial pain, otolaryn- gology, pharmacology and others to ex- amine cases from different perspectives. The derailment track — looking at the things that can go wrong each day — ad- dresses challenges such as managing material extrusion, removing broken or separated instruments, repairing failed referring dentist relationships and deal- ing with staffing issues. Beyond the educational programs, AAE16 also offers an interactive ap- proach — more than 100 vendors offer- ing the latest in endodontic equipment, materials and supplies are available in the exhibit hall, most of them allowing clinicians to the opportunity to see, feel and sometimes even try out the various products. Special events at here at this year’s AAE16 include the President’s Breakfast; the Louis I. Grossman Ceremony, rec- ognizing the newest diplomates of the American Board of Endodontics; and the Edgar D. Coolidge Luncheon, honoring the AAE’s award winners. Making the most of the Bay Area, to- night’s Welcome Reception will feature wines and cheeses from the famed Napa Valley and Sonoma County regions, while Friday night’s Celebrate San Fran- cisco! Event will be held at the Explorato- rium museum on San Francisco’s Embar- cadero. “I’m so excited about this year’s meet- ing and all of the innovative approaches we’re taking to make AAE16 memorable,” said Propper in a press release. “I want all of our attendees to return to their prac- tices, schools or residencies with new enthusiasm and ideas to provide the best patient care and support the specialty.” Here at the AAE To view the entire meeting schedule, visit www., pick up an on-site guide or down- load the mobile app to your smartphone. Corrections Endo Tribune strives to maintain the utmost accuracy in its news and clinical reports. If you find a factual error or content that requires clarification, please report the details to Managing Editor Fred Michmershuizen at f.michmershuizen@dental-tribune .com. Tell us what you think! Do you have general comments or criticism you would like to share? Is there a particular topic you would like to see articles about in Endo Tribune? Let us know by e-mailing feedback@dental- We look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to make changes to your subscription (name, address or to opt out) please send us an e-mail at and be sure to include which publication you are referring to. Also, please note that subscription changes can take up to 6 weeks to process. Meeting participants attend a live Master Clinician Series educational presentation offered by Dr. Leesa Morrow and Dr. Donald R. Nixdorf at the 2013 AAE meeting in Honolulu. Photo/Fred Michmershuizen, Endo Tribune “ LEARN, Page 1 Endo Tribune U.S. Edition | April 6, 20163

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