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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 27, 2016

exhibitors 24 Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 27, 2016 By Biolase Staff n The current flagship Waterlase system is the iPlus™ , a laser system that offers dentists the enhanced benefits of completing many common dental procedures with minimally invasive laser energy combined with a fine water spray to gently remove oral hard and soft tissue. The latest model now incorporates REPAIR Perio and REPAIR Implant, two power laser-based protocols for managing early to moderate peri- odontitis and peri-implantitis in a general dental setting. Both protocols leverage the gentle removal of dis- easedtissueandcalculus.Youcansee theprotocolsinactionattheBIOLASE booth, No. 422. For tooth cutting, the WaterLase iPlus helps to eliminate microfrac- tures associated with the traditional dental drill, as well as thermal dam- age and cross-contamination risks. Additionally, the laser’s precision allows minimally invasive treatment with less removal of healthy tooth structure and soft tissues. For soft tissue, the WaterLase iPlus ablates the target tissue layer by layer, which, according to the litera- ture, enables the dental professional to perform oral surgeries with less bleeding, dynamic tissue response and faster healing. WaterLase iPlus can greatly improve efficiency in a dental prac- tice with a wide range of benefits, including performing many restora- tive procedures without anesthetic, according to the company. By elimi- nating the time required for the onset of anesthetic, a dentist and his or her staffcanmovefrompatienttopatient, staying on time and adding savings to thebottomline.Therevenueperchair per day can experience a dramatic increase by using WaterLase iPlus, the company asserts. Also, a WaterLase practice can generate more income per patient visit, according to the company. Because anesthetic is not required in most cases, the dentist can actu- ally address a greater number of any patient’s clinical needs by working in all four quadrants. WaterLase iPlus can offer alterna- tive treatment modalities when tra- ditional protocols are not addressing conditions such as deep periodontal pockets, endodontics and more. Fewer recall appointments means fewer recall appointments falling through the cracks, resulting in greater efficiency for both practice and patient. Additionally, because WaterLase iPlus is indicated for both periodon- tal and endodontic procedures, an enterprising general dentist can keep a greater share of those cases within his or her practice. Dentalprofessionalswhohavesuc- cessfully integrated WaterLase iPlus into their practice enjoy much more than just enhanced clinical outcomes and greater productivity, Biolase asserts. Independent research shows that WaterLase iPlus owners report a renewed passion for their craft and greater enjoyment in addressing the clinical needs of their patients. By reducing chair time, improving clini- cal results and enhancing the overall managementofpatientflowthrougha practice, WaterLase iPlus can become the cornerstone of the 21st-century dental office. WaterLase iPlus is indicated for a wide range of soft- and hard-tissue treatments,includingcomprehensive periodontal procedures (such as deep pocket therapy with new attachment and subgingival calculus removal) and endodontic treatment (such as root canal shaping and cleaning). WaterLase iPlus delivers 10 watts of powerandupto100pulsespersecond for fast, efficient cutting with little or no anesthetic required. An illuminated, compact, contra- angle handpiece allows precise con- trol and movement of the laser tip around the treatment site as well as easy access to all areas of the oral cavity. WaterLase iPlus is operated viaaneasy-to-use,intuitivegraphical touchscreen. There are no settings to program or tip guides to consult. The system also includes a docking sta- tion for an iLase 940nm diode laser. A comprehensive selection of tips, accessories and upgrades are avail- able. A full regimen of introductory and advanced training is included with each WaterLase iPlus. Waterlase technology solves problems with simple protocols for perio and implant patients Here in New York For more information or to check out the WaterLase iPlus for yourself, stop by the Biolase booth, No. 422. 3 The WaterLase iPlus. (Photo/Provided by Biolase) Ad

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