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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 27, 2016

exhibitors 40 Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 27, 2016 Here in New York For learn more about Clearmet and Keystone Industries dental products, go online to n Harmonize™ begins with ART. Adaptive Response Technology, a nanoparticle filler net- work that helps you achieve lifelike restorations with more ease and simplicity than ever. With better blending capabilities and enhanced struc- tural integrity, the ART of Harmonize provides your restorations with exceptional strength and unmatched esthetics, according to Kerr, the com- pany behind the product. With the ART filler system, Harmonize dif- fuses and reflects light in a similar way as human enamel. This leads to an enhanced chameleon effect for better blending and improved esthetics overall. In addition, the particle size and structure is designed to offer superior gloss retention and lasting polishability compared to leading compos- ites, according to the company. The reinforced nano-scale filler particle net- work also has improved mechanical properties, and it’s more reactive with resin for efficient polymerization, ensuring your restorations have increased strength and durability. Furthermore, according to the company, the adaptive viscosity of Harmonize delivers easier handling and shap- ing without stickiness, slumping or pullback. It’s everything you’ve been looking for in a composite restoration. Achieve lifelike restorations with more ease and simplicity than ever before with Harmonize. For more information, go to or stop by the Kerr booth, No. 4216, here at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. Harmonize By Keystone Industries Staff n Keystone Industries, U.S.-based manufacturer of the Itsoclear Clasp and numerous dental laboratory prod- ucts, has officially launched its clear thermoplastic resin. Clearmet, a clear choice for esthetically pleasing and clear partial dentures, according to thecompany,isnowavailablethrough the majority of the dental industry’s top dealers and distributors. This new resin set to hit dental labs in North America, Latin America and Europeismadeofmonomer-freemate- rial, which has been tested to show no known allergic reactions. Clearmet’s material sets itself apart from the rest of the market by being stain-resistant, odor-free and practically invisible inside of the patient’s mouth, accord- ing to the company, and it is easy to be adjusted, relined and repaired. Dr. Dan Schwartz, who has been using the Clearmet material for a few years while developing the product with Keystone, believes it will take dentistry by storm. “Clearmet is the next generation to the partial denture,” Schwartz said. “The material is great to work with, and the fit is spot on. When adjust- ments are necessary, they are simple to do chairside. Patient response has been outstanding.” Michael Prozzillo, Keystone’s vice president of sales, has worked extensively with Schwartz on getting Clearmet launched and available to wide market. “It’s truly a product that has been tested through and through that works, works well and makes a differ- ence to end users,” Prozzillo said. Clearmet is available in two sizes: small and medium. Both the small (1.77 inches, 25.5mm x 45mm) and medium (3.03 inches, 25.5mm x 77m) come in packages of five tubes, and suggested retail prices are $55.75 and $68.05, respectively. One of the main goals of Clearmet has not only been to improve smiles but lives as well, according to Key- stone. Since its beginning, Clearmet has created beautiful smiles in real cases for patients who were previ- ously too uncomfortable to smile with metal framework. “I can tell you without any reser- vations that this material is by far the best, most comfortable, lightest partial denture material I have ever used,” said Dr. Louis Trovato of Hat- boro, Pa. “The patient response has Clearmet: The ‘clear’ choice for ultra-transparent partial dentures been outstanding, and I’m positive I’ll never go back to any other material.” AccordingtoKeystone,notonlyare doctors thrilled to use Clearmet, but dental labs are, too. “It’s not only the easiest material I haveworkedwith,butsuperiorresults makeitbyfarthebest,”saidFrankRic- ciardi, owner of RDL Dental Lab. “You don’tneedanyspecialequipment,and it’s extremely easy to polish. It’s saved my lab a lot of time and stress.” Keystone’s Clearmet resin is avail- able now through most dental dealers and distributors in North America, Latin America and Europe. To make ordering simple, Clearmet can be purchased through a preferred den- tal dealer on the Keystone Industries website, 3 (Photo/ Provided by Kerr) 5 (Photo/Provided by Keystone Industries)

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