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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 27, 2016

exhibitors 42 Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 27, 2016 By Curve Dental Staff n Curve Dental has added online forms to its practice management software, providing doctors with the ability to create any form that can be accessed by any device with all data written automatically to the patient’s record. “Our online forms are the easiest way to collect, process and manage patient information,” said Ian Zipur- sky, president of Curve Dental. “The level of automation we have added will significantly reduce the time a practice spends entering and updat- ing patient information.” Curve Dental uses drag-and-drop functionality to minimize the time required to create a form. Any infor- mation can be gathered by a form, such as an address, medical history or a digital signature. Patients access the form via e-mail and a secure patient portal. The patient can complete the form using any digital device, such as a smart- phone, tablet or computer. All data captured by a form is automatically written to the patient’s record in Curve Dental. Patients who fail to promptly complete a form can receive e-mail or text. While most features are available now, others will be available soon. Curve Dental plans to make online forms available to all customers at no charge for a limited time only. Call (888) 910-4376 for details or stop by the booth, No. 1333. New: Online forms that automatically update patients’ digital records Ad Here in New York To learn more about Curve’s practice management software, stop by the booth, No. 1333. Curve Dental promises a practice management system that makes information easy to collect, process and manage 5 (Photo/Provided by Curve Dental)

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