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Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation No. 4, 2016

Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation Volume 2 | Issue 4/2016 19 O p e n h e a l i n g : A r e t r o s p e c t i v e a n a l y s i s c e g d f Fig. 1 Intraoperative view: (c) Ridge situation after atraumatic extraction and reduced flap elevation. (d) The extraction sites were filled with DBBM, and titanium nets were placed bilaterally to stabilize the augmented volume (first quadrant is shown here). (e) Placement of a native bilayer collagen membrane (NBCM) over the titanium mesh. The flap was sutured without tension, leaving the NBCM exposed. (f) Clinical situation two days after surgery. (g) Radiographic situation two weeks after surgery. Figs. 1c & d Figs. 1e & f Fig. 1g Volume 2 | Issue 4/201619

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