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Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation No. 4, 2016

Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation Volume 2 | Issue 4/2016 77 H e a l i n g o f s m o o t h v s . r o u g h s u r f a c e i m p l a n t s The implants were well integrated into the ma- ture bone, represented by mature lamellar bone and bone marrow surrounding the implant sur- face (Figs. 2 & 3). MBIC% was 50.6 ± 18.3% and 56.3 ± 18.6% at the Combed and ZirTi surfaces, respectively. The differences between the two surfaceswerestatisticallysignificant(p=0.046). Bone densitythat was evaluated to a distan- ce ofabout 0.6 mmfromthe implant surface and betweenthe most coronal level ofosseointegra- tion (B) and the apex of the implant (A) was 54.6 ± 9.6% and 43.0 ± 9.0% atthe Combed and ZirTi surfaces, respectively. The difference bet- ween the two surfaces was statistically signifi- cant (p = 0.046). AnoutlierforMBIC%wasidentified(onedog), the values being below the first quartile. Data excluding the outlier are reported in Table 2. A statistically significant difference was no longer identified. ThecorrelationbetweenMBIC%andMB%when allofthe implantsweretaken into accountyield- ed r = 0.3. However, if the groups of implants with different surfaces were considered sepa- rately, the values for the Combed and ZirTi sur- faces were r = 0.80 and r = 0.02, respectively. Discussion Moderately rough surfaces have been shown to yield superior osseointegration potential com- paredwiththat ofsmooth surfaces.2 In an exper- iment in dogs, troughs were prepared around standard implants so that, after placement, chambers resulted between the implant body andtherecipientbone.3,4 Moderatelyrough(SLA) and turned surface implants were used. A more rapid new bone apposition at the SLA compared withthe smooth surface implantswas observed. MBIC% MB% Turned Rough Turned Rough Mean (SD) 50.6* (18.3) 56.3* (18.6) 54.6* (9.6) 43.0* (9.0) Median (25th ; 75th ) 58.2 (44.1; 60.4) 62.7 (57.1; 66.0) 55.1 (51.5; 61.6) 44.5 (36.5; 49.9) Figs. 2a–d Photomicrographs of ground sections illustrating the healing after four months at the Combed surface. Stevenel’s blue and alizarin red stain. 100× magnification. Table 1 Mean value (standard deviation) and median (25th and 75th percentiles) of MBIC% and MB%. (n = 6) * p < 0.05. a b d c Figs. 2a & b Figs. 2c & d Table 1 Volume 2 | Issue 4/201677

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