DENTAL TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Newspaper · U.S. Edition PRSRTSTD U.S.Postage PAID Permit#306 Mechanicsburg,PA DentalTribuneAmerica 213West35thStreet Suite#801 NewYork,NY10001 AD HYGIENE TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Hygiene Newspaper · U.S. Edition CosmetiC tRiBUNe the World’s Cosmetic Dentistry Newspaper · U.s. edition By Daniel Zimmermann, Dental Tribune International Group Editor u page 4A u page 5A upage 1B The endo-implant algorithm Improving communication How do you choose a lab? Did you know techni- cians choose you, too? Nearly empty waiting room? Find your patients online with video marketing that isn’t as expensive as you think. Cool stuff for the practice Take a peek at some interesting products we spotted at events and elsewhere. g DT page 2A, ‘Breakthrough …’ g DT page 2A, ‘Health care …’ By Fred Michmershuizen, Online Editor ADA President Dr. Ronald Tankersley Breakthrough in tissue engineering Researchers at the University of Illinois might have discovered the key to re-growing tooth enamel. In a comparative study on animals, they found that repeated simple amino acids, or prolines (see photo on next page), are responsible for making teeth stronger and more resistant. Their findings could help in replacing lost parts of teeth in patients suffering from dental decay. Proline is a major compo- nent of the protein collagen, the ‘We could not support the health care reform legislation’ The health care reform bill recently approved by the U.S. Con- gress aims to improve access to health care for more than 30 mil- lion Americans. However, dental groups say that the legislation is significantly neglecting oral health. Daniel Zimmerman, group edi- tor at Dental Tribune International (DTI) headquarters, recently spoke with Dr. Ronald Tankersley, presi- dent of the American Dental Associ- ation, about the historical decision and how it will affect dentistry in the United States. The ADA did not support the health-care reform bill recently approved by Congress. Could you explain the rationale behind this decision? As America’s leading advocate for oral health, our decision was pri- marily based on the oral health provisions of the bill. We could not support the health- care reform legislation because it did not include provisions to mean- ingfully improve access to dental care for millions of American chil- dren, adults and elderly by properly funding Medicaid dental services. You say that the reform does not do enough to assure that low-income families receive ade- quate oral health care. On the other hand, millions of people will finally be able to buy health insurance regardless of their social status or pre-medical con- dition. While countless other groups can weigh in on the health care reform’s overall merits and flaws, people look to the ADA for a determination of how it could impact oral health. And when the government is willing to spend close to a trillion April 2010 www.dental-tribune.com Vol. 5, No. 9 An endo- dontist is in a unique position to evaluate the critical fac- tors involved in determin- ing if a pre- cedure will result in a successful outcome. g See page 10A

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