assigns a credit grade and even makes a recommendation regard- ing the most liberal financial arrangement that you can safely offer the patient. Although ZACC reads and inter- prets every line and every column on a credit report, a ZACC inquiry does not affect a patient’s credit score nor does a ZACC inquiry Industry News DENTAL TRIBUNE | April 201016A ADS f DT page 15A show up as an inquiry to your patient’s other creditors. You can grow your practice with Directa AB — a leading Scandina- vian dental manufacturing company located in Stockholm — dedicates itself to introducing innovative, high-quality and cost-effective prod- ucts into the dental market, is prob- ably best-known for its Luxator® extraction instruments and polycar- bonate crowns. However, a new Directa product is now creating quite a buzz in the dental world. Many dental practitioners are already familiar with Directa’s Fend- erWedge® , which separates and pro- tects adjacent teeth during prepara- tion for a Class II restoration. This product is a combined wedge and protective stainless steel plate, or “fender.” FenderWedge pre-sepa- rates teeth and protects the adjacent tooth during preparation. Research has shown that damage to the adjacent tooth occurs in more than 60 percent of cases during preparation unless it is adequately protected. Now, FenderWedge has a com- plimentary product: FenderMate® . A one-piece sectional matrix and wedge specifically designed to allow dentists to complete a composite restoration quickly and efficiently with a tight contact and cervical margin. FenderMate may be utilized either from the buccal or lingual aspect. About the author Paul Zuelke is president and founder of Zuelke & Associates, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing exclusively in teaching credit management and accounts receivable control techniques to health-care practices. Zuelke’s extensive professional background in lending and cor- porate finance, combined with 30 years of experience with more than 1000 client practices located throughout the United States, Can- ada and Australia, position him as safe and appropriate credit grant- ing. Take a look at ZACC at www. getzacc.com. DT the leading authority in using effec- tive credit management to build a quality health-care practice. ‘The Fender Way: fast and safe’ g Continued, ‘The Fender …’ (Photo/Directa)

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