f Continued, ‘The Fender …’ DENTAL TRIBUNE | April 2010 Industry News 17A AD There are many uses of the Velopex Aquacut Quattro Fluid Air Abrasion Unit. Here are some of them: • minimally invasive and cos- metic dentistry, • patient-friendly stain removal and cavity preparation, • fast, efficient cutting and cleaning, • ideal for repair of composites. The Aquacut Quattro will give you greater control and flexibility than any other piece of equipment you own. Some of its other benefits include: • no vibration, turbine noise, heat generation or smell, • greatly reduced need for local anesthesia, • a handpiece that creates a fluid curtain around the pow- der medium, • a triple-action foot control that speeds treatment by allowing cut, wash and dry operations through the same handpiece, • no chipping or stress fractur- ing, • minimal loss of sound tooth material. DT The Aquacut Quattro and stand. (Photo/Velopex) Velopex’s air abrasion unit fits many occasions The combined wedge and matrix design of FenderMate means that it may be applied quickly without the fumbling of tradition multiple-piece matrix- ing. A flexible “wing” on the wedge ensures a sealed cervi- cal margin, thus avoiding the possibility of overhang occur- ring. The matrix is pre-curved to adapt to the tooth and has a pre-shaped contact point. No retaining ring is required. FenderMate has already made a tremendous impact worldwide and was rated as one of the best new products in the dental field in 2009. The product is available in four sizes: left/right and nar- row/regular, and is color-coded for ease of identification. It is available as an assorted kit of four boxes, each box containing 18 pieces, or as separate boxes. Information about all Directa products and distributors may be found at www.directadental. com or by calling (203) 788- 4224. DT Mouth pain can occur at any- time throughout the day, and treating the problem while away from home isn’t always conve- nient. The best products provide a tailored solution to localized pain, but can be difficult to use on the go. Kank-A® Soothing Beads™ provide two benefits: effective, comfortable relief for all-over- mouth pain and a form that is easy to carry and discreet to use. Kank-A Soothing Beads are comfortable, smooth balls that melt in the mouth to deliver maximum strength medication (15 mg benzocaine per five-bead dose). Kank-A Soothing Beads can be rolled around the mouth for all over relief or held in one spot for concentrated treatment. Each five-bead dose is indi- vidually packaged on a perfo- rated card (like many over-the- counter caplets), making it easy to leave some at home, work or in any other location that’s handy throughout the day. They beads are designed to deliver effective relief without excessive numbing and are ideal for use on gum irritations, mouth burns, canker sores, orthodontic appliances and dentures. With a suggested retail price of $5.49–$7.99 for each 15-dose pack, Kank-A Soothing Beads will be available in May 2010 at food and drug stores nationwide. Kank-A offers a full line of products designed to provide solutions tailored to specific oral pain needs. Each product offers maximum strength benzocaine to ease pain, other beneficial ingredients and unique applica- tion systems that deliver relief to sore spots. Kank-A SoftBrush® is a super- effective treatment for tooth- aches and gum pain. It offers a dual-relief formula combin- ing the maximum level of ben- zocaine (20 percent) with an active oral astringent, zinc chlo- ride, for fast, deep pain relief. Its unique, pen-shaped applicator and soft brush tip make it easy to apply gently and comfortably anywhere in the mouth, espe- cially between teeth and around braces. Kank-A Softbrush retails for $5.49–$7.99. Professional Strength Kank-A Mouth Pain Liquid has received the ADA seal of acceptance for its effectiveness in the relief of canker sores and has long been the ideal treatment for pain caused by canker sores and other mouth sores. Kank-A Liq- uid provides maximum strength medication for a liquid or gel (20 percent benzocaine), while forming a long-lasting film that protects sores from further irri- tation. The protective coating holds the anesthetic in contact with the sore and acts as a barrier against further irritation. Designed for precise, convenient dispensing, Kank-A Mouth Pain Liquid has a built-in applicator, allowing consumers to easily place the medication where it’s needed. Kank-A Liquid retails for $5.49– $7.99. For additional information about Kank-A products, visit www.Blistex.com. DT Kank-A launches soothing beads (Photo/Zeno Group)

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