3B f CT page 1B COSMETIC TRIBUNE | April 2010 Interview as those around the world. He is a contributor to the Give Back a Smile Foundation — an organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence — and the AACD Foundation Disaster Relief Fund. The latter organiza- tion has helped many people in the United States and around the globe who have been affected by the 2007 California wildfires, the 2004 tsu- nami that hit countries along the Indian Ocean and the 2005 hur- ricanes that impacted the U.S. Gulf Coast. tal visits and used in addition to treatments such as night guards or splints. Patients can also receive reflex- ology massage, which stimulates reflex areas and improves blood flow, as they are seated in the dental chair. Massage chairs in the office allow for full body massage and relaxation. “The body is a complex system, and when one part of the body is in pain, the entire body reacts,” Nass- ery says. “With the use of massage in the dentist’s office, patients can experience a sense of overall bal- ance, making the dental procedure that much more effective and pain- less.” CT Magnuson is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmet- ic Dentistry (AACD), and he has served as an accreditation exam- iner for that organization. He is also a member of the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry. The Consum- er’s Research Council has named him one of America’s Top Dentists. In addition to offering porcelain dental veneers in Kalamazoo and other methods of improving smiles and general oral health, Magnuson says he makes it a point to reach out to his own community as well Dr. Brett Magnuson, a cosmetic dentist, is celebrating 30 years in practice this year. His office, Mag- nuson Dental Design, offers cos- metic dentistry services to residents in Kalamazoo, Mich., and surround- ing communities. Magnuson says he’s honoring the occasion by continuing to do what he does best: making people smile. He says part of the mission of his practice is helping patients improve the look and health of their teeth by offering the latest procedures in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and to truly help them understand the importance and advantages of maintaining their oral health. Magnuson, began his dental career in 1978, which is when he opened his Kalamazoo practice. “I just fell in love with the town, the community, and the people,” he says. Magnuson specializes in correcting common esthetic and functional issues for his patients and also performs teeth whiten- ing, composite fillings and dental implants. “We foster teamwork through innovation, personal responsibility, trust and communication between our doctors, dental team and patients,” he said. Magnuson prides himself in stay- ing on top of the latest technology and giving people effective, beauti- ful results in the most comfortable way possible. He says his experi- ence has been a rewarding one, largely because of his patient-cen- tered approach toward dentistry. “Our staff strives to create open, friendly relationships with each of our patients to ensure that they receive the most dedicated and highest quality customer service and care,” he says. “Our personal- ized service and warm, relaxing atmosphere set us apart.” Magnuson says his 30-year mile- stone as a cosmetic, implant and sedation dentist have only made him more excited about the future ahead. He says that as dental tech- nology and techniques continue to evolve, the coming years should hold even better ways to give his patients bright, breathtaking smiles in a comfortable, pain-free experi- ence. “We strive to give every patient who walks in our doors star-quality, individualized attention and treat- ment,” he says. CT AD Three decades of healthier teeth and beautiful smiles After 30 years in practice, Dr. Brett Magnuson of Kalamazoo, Mich., is smiling, too By Fred Michmershuizen, Online Editor

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