site is a small one. Don’t be a “me too” practice. Lead the way in an economy that cries out for something different to allow a practice to stand out in the crowd. If your marketing budget doesn’t allow for custom video right now, an inexpensive but powerful alternative is www.marketingwithlivevideo.com. Here, you can hire an Internet actor to deliver your marketing message for you. One way or another, video is the key to a successful Internet marketing campaign. Venture outside your com- fort zone and deliver your own public relations message to consumers in your demographic. Do it today to improve the health of your practice, or die. DT Practice Matters DENTAL TRIBUNE | April 20106A AD f DT page 5A About the author Mary Kay Miller is founder and CEO of Orthopreneur™ Marketing Solu- tions. After 30-plus years as a business and marketing coordinator for professional practices, Mary Kay has narrowed her marketing expertise to Internet Web 2.0 marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and the creation of marketing systems to save teams valuable time and effort. Her book, “Marketing Your Practice Through Different Eyes,” was released in May 2008 and is a free 100-page eBook available on her Web site www.orthopreneur.com. It is the first multi-media eBook of its kind in dentistry and the first book ever written on marketing for both dentists and team members. It enables dentists and staff members to understand and experience for themselves how the Internet and Web 2.0 marketing engages and grabs the attention of today’s consumer. Earn C.E. credits online with Miller’s focused Webinar series Mary Kay Miller offers a six-part series of Internet marketing Webinars. Each archived module allows you to watch the videos at a time that is convenient for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your Internet presence with your current Web site and Web 2.0 marketing strategies, while earning ADA-CERP credits. You can find Miller’s Webinar series at www.DTStudyClub.com. Fight oral cancer! Did you know that den- tists are one of the most trusted professionals to give advice? Thus, no other medi- cal professionals are in a bet- ter position to show patients that they are committed to detecting and treating oral cancer. Prove to your patients just how committed you are to fighting this disease by sign- ing up to be listed at www. oralcancerselfexam.com. This new Web site was developed for consumers in order to show them how to do self- examinations for oral cancer. Self-examination can help your patients to detect abnor- malities or incipient oral cancer lesions early. Early detection in the fight against cancer is crucial and a pri- mary benefit in encouraging your patients to engage in self-examinations. Secondly, as dental patients become more familiar with their oral cavity, it will stimulate them to receive treatment much faster. Conducting your own inspection of patients’ oral cavities provides the perfect opportunity to mention that this is something they can eas- ily do themselves as well. You can explain the procedure in brief and then let them know about the Web site, www. oralcancerselfexam.com, that can provide them with all the details they need. If dental professionals do not take the lead in the fight against oral cancer, who will? And in the eyes of our patients, they likely would not expect anyone else to do so — would you?

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