May 24-30, 2010United Kingdom Edition www.dentabyte.co.uk info@dentabyte.co.uk 0208 297 9100 Verifiable CPD for Dentists & DCPs £75 SPEAKERS RAJ RATTAN: (1.5 hour) Dental Protection Legal & Ethical Challenges & Solutions SANJAY SHARMA: (2 hours) Medical Director, London Marathon Medical Emergencies JIMMY MAKDISSI: (1 hour) Dental Radiologist Radiography Essentials SANDRA SMITH: (2.5 hours) Infection Control Adviser Decontamination & HTM 01-05 simplified CORE CPD ESSENTIALS - £75 SATURDAY 19 JUNE 2010, LONDON, E15 FRIDAY 16 JULY, LONDON, E15 ACHIEVE PRACTICE EXCELLENCE WEDNESDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2010, LONDON, E14 - £295 TOPICS • What puts practices miles ahead of others • How to replicate excellence • Manage clinical & commercial change • Meet CQC regulations with QUALITY indicators • IMPROVE & ACHIEVE with KEY INDICATORS SEEMA SHARMA CEO, Dentabyte.co.uk Owner of 2 mixed practices & 2 predominantly NHS practices and winner of 2 tenders, one of which is a Wave 1 Pioneer Steele Pilot. Verifiable CPD SPEAKERS ANDY ACTON Director, Frank Taylor and Associates Frank Taylor and Associates have helped thousands of clients in the dental business arena – from benchmark practice valuations to hands-on practice development programmes to improve practice performance. Dentabyte Core CPD Essentials meet all the necessary learning outcomes and are presented by recognised experts in their field. Stepping up from man- agement to leadership W hilst leadership and management are key skills for dental practice owners and practice managers, accessi- ble, affordable “real world” management training rel- evant to today’s genre of dental practices is hard to come by. Management programmes for practice owners and managers are often based on writing reams of boring essays which do not feel connected to everyday life at work, or on sales, marketing and increas- ing profits without addressing how to align the changing CLINICAL environment and the changing COMMERCIAL environment that we operate in. Now, however, CQC have the power to close down practices that do not meet their expected quality outcomes – all 28 of them! Add to this the key performance indica- tors in new NHS contracts and the state of the economy and it be- comes clear that a new vision and action plan are required. In the past it has been possible to “get by” with in-house training, but variation in the abilities of both owners and practice managers will become very apparent from next year when the time comes to tick the boxes for this section of the Care Quality Commission registra- tion form. CQC Outcome 18 – Leadership Outcome 18 requires those wish- ing to provide or supervise the management of a regulated activity to be suitable and competent. Here are three tips for practice owners: Manage the service appropri- ately - Select a pro-active man- ager, then empower him or her. Meet the needs of patients and staff - Train the manager to put your vision into action. Meet legal responsibilities - The owner remains responsible for all relevant laws and statutory codes of practice! Vision without action is a daydream but action without vision is a nightmare! The leader defines the vision for the practice but without ef- fective training for the practice manager, this vision will sit on the shelf. Conversely, if there is no leadership, and the manager is left to do what he or she thinks is best, an untrained manager can unwittingly create problems which become hard to unravel! DELEGA- TION, not ABDICATION is the key to success in this area! CQC Outcome 19 – Management Outcome 19 requires the registered manager to have the necessary qualifications, skills and experi- ence to manage the regulated ac- tivity. If you are a practice manag- er, are you ready for this?! You are the person being delegated to, and that makes you the busiest person in the practice. The practice own- er will expect you to help him or her to achieve all 28 CQC out- comes, as well as lead the team and manage the day to day machi- nations of the practice. Here are 12 tips to keep you sane: 1. Keep sight of the big picture: Don’t let fire fighting eclipse strategic initiatives – you are going to have to have your wits about you. 2. Set clear objectives: Do not establish ambiguous or unrealistic goals for your team. – go for bite sized chunks of learning. 3. Network with other manag- ers: Don’t go it alone! Register at www.Dentabyte.co.uk and build relationships with peers and col- leagues at our affordable courses, so you can help each other. 4. Delegate: Under pressure to produce, the last thing you should do is take on subordinates’ tasks because you fear losing control or overburdening others - they will need to demonstrate that they understand the outcomes too. 5. Give constructive feedback: Applaud good performance and avoid correcting inadequate per- formance - you need your team’s help so empower and train them. 6. Keep your team informed: Share what you are learning about CQC with your team – don’t let them be ostriches and say they did not know when it comes to registra- tion time. 7. Keep your boss informed: Don’t let him or her be an ostrich either! 8. Ask for help: Don’t view your- self as in servitude to the practice owner, act more like you are in partnership and work together. 9. Receive feedback: Gather feedback about your performance. 10. Project confidence: There’s plenty of time yet – you can make things happen! 11. Don’t neglect your personal life: Don’t be- come consumed by the demands of CQC – start planning now. 12. Know how to cope with stress: There is good stress and bad stress – know the difference! Who is appraising YOU? When you schedule your next round of appraisals for team mem- bers, take a moment to think about who is appraising YOU. Both the Care Quality Commission and the General Dental Council, through their Revalidation scheme, will be looking for evidence that practice owners and practice managers have the appropriate “competen- cies” to lead and manage the den- tal practice. The 80/20 rule Now is the time to start thinking about personal development plans for practice managers and practice owners. If all this sounds daunting, remember that change can bring about unexpected benefits. By concentrating on leadership, and delegating 80 per cent of the day to day routine management of your practice to a skilled manager, you can free yourself up to con- centrate on clinical work and lead your practice to uncharted success! Dentabyte and Smile-On are launching an exciting Practice Management Programme “for” practice owners “by” practice own- ers, which promises to be fun and to provide real time solutions to make life easier. DT Are you managing your practice or just practising?, asks Seema Sharma About the author Seema Sharma is the founder of Dentabyte.co.uk, which provides practice manage- ment and core CPD courses for all dentists and practice manag- ers, in private or NHS practice. She has also es- tablished a philan- thropic charity, The Sharma Foundation. For practice management and CQC sup- port, email info@dentabyte.co.uk or visit Website: Dentabyte.co.uk If you would like to know more about her humanitarian efforts, email info@see- masharma.co.uk. Joining up all the skills needed to manage a practice takes time

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