13EventsMay 24-30, 2010United Kingdom Edition Introducing a dental technology so advanced, it revolutionises preventive care. Desensitise Clean Rebuild Enamel ... in one easy step! For more information please check out our website www.osspray.com UK distributor – J&S Davis Atlantic House, Gates Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 3HG Tel: 0044 (0) 1438 758908 Fax: 0044 (0) 1438 758909 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K dtuk0927_osspray_ad_pg2.pdf 1 18/01/2010 09:54:20 T he Clinical Innovations Conference held this year at the Royal College of Physicians was hailed a great success, with leading minds in aesthetic and restorative den- tistry taking to the stage to share their expertise with enthusiastic clinicians at all stages in their careers. The two-day event, or- ganised by dental education pro- vider Smile-on, the AOG and in association with The Dental Di- rectory, lived up to its reputation as being one of the most inspir- ing and informative conferences in the dental calendar. The event enjoyed a very high turn out with lecture theatres bursting at the seams for some of the most popular talks. Dr Julian Webber began the conference with a lecture enti- tled Management of Endodon- tic Success, during which his passion for endodontics clearly shone through. “I love endo, that’s all I do.” he proclaimed. Making use of recent case stud- ies, Dr Webber detailed the fac- tors influencing re-treatment decisions, actively involving the audience in the discussion with a generous dose of humour. He highlighted the importance of re- treatment before the placement of a restoration and discussed re- treatment procedures. Delegates also learned how to cost re-treat- ment, when to refer cases on and indications for surgical treat- ment. Broken instruments are every endodontist’s nightmare, so Dr Webber proposed a suc- cessful strategy for the removal of these ‘separated’ instruments, along with tips on effective root canal repair and apical closure. After a break for coffee and further discussion, delegates had their pick of three very dif- ferent lectures. Specialist in oral surgery, Dr Naresh K Sharma, spoke on the subject of Aesthetic Implant Dentistry and the recon- struction of deficient ridges as well as atrophic jaws. He went on to talk about his work at The Chikrakoot Project, where he provides surgical dental care to villagers in the area free of charge. His moving and inspir- ing lecture demonstrated how this work has transformed the lives of many, and explained how dental professionals could volunteer their skills to such a worthy cause. Dr Wyman Chan presented another very popular lecture on the latest scientific advances in teeth whitening processes.. Dur- ing the event he demonstrated his legendary zero sensitivity techniques on a volunteer and illustrated how to use a ‘crystal- eye spectrophotometer’ to record shades of the teeth in bleaching. He also revealed how to use a standard compact digital camera to take good quality clinical pho- tographs. At the same time, Dr. Ian Thompson spoke about the benefits of bioactive glass for im- proved oral hygiene treatment. After a buffet lunch, delegates were treated to a full programme of lectures from the likes of Dr Basil Mizrahi, Mr Jonathan A Britto, Dr Joe Omar, Dr Peter Galgut and Dr Seema Sharma. Dr Mizrahi presented his lecture on long-lasting, attractive resto- rations to a full lecture theatre, detailing how best to achieve marginal fit and the keys to suc- cessful provisional restorations. He spoke in great detail on tissue health, the importance of un- derstanding tooth morphology, and how to take quality impress- ions, among other topics, mak- ing use of video footage to illus- trate his points. Dr Omar presented a lively, hands-on seminar on how to deal with medical emergencies using Resus-Ann dummies and automated external defibrilla- tors (AED). Dr Britto explored issues surrounding our society’s obsession with aesthetic perfec- tion and the dentist’s role in pro- viding patients with an ethical, honest service. Dr Galgut, win- ner of the Dental Awards 2010 Dentist of the Year award, gave an insightful presentation on how to manage and treat perio- dontal disease, and their clinical implications. Finally, Dr Sharma rounded off the day with a mo- tivating talk on her journey to success and the satisfaction she gained from setting up her own charitable foundation. Alongside the various lec- tures and seminars, a limited number of exhibitors were on hand to discuss their services with attendees. The manage- able size of the exhibition hall enabled delegates to visit each stand in their own time without having to rush, and the prestig- ious venue and five star service offered at the Royal College of Physicians ensured that the con- ference went without a hitch. Having worked so hard dur- ing the day, delegates let their hair down at an elaborate char- ity ball held at the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square. The theme of the evening was The State of the Nation. Raj Rayan addressed the party on what he thought the future holds for post-election Britain in the dental profession. Partygoers were also treated to a fantastic performance from sing- ing dentist Andrew Bain. Exhibi- tors and clinicians alike danced the night away into the small hours ahead of the second day of the busy conference. Delegates commented on how well organised and inform- ative the Clinical Innovations Conference had been. A testa- ment to the hard work and dedi- cation of the conference’s or- ganisers – Smile-on, provider of accredited healthcare education, and the AOG. Both organisations share a common goal: to raise clinical standards in the den- tal practice and to improve the treatment the patient receives. This year’s Clinical Innovations Conference certainly helped achieve just that. DT Dental Tribune looks back at this year’s Clinical Innovations Conference, held in London CIC 2010 – meeting of minds There was a full house for many of the lectures Dr Omar (left) with Smile-on’s Noam Tamir

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