23Road TestMay 24-30, 2010United Kingdom Edition B iofilm disruption, deb- ridment and hard-tis- sue preparation can be successfully performed using ultrasonics. Ul- trasonic preparation is proven to help allow for a more minimally invasive approach. Endodontists, peri- odontists and general practition- ers value ultrasonics for their precise application. The new Varios 970 NSK fits into the group of ultras- onic devices that can be opera- ted independently without con- nection to pre-existing water lines. This device has a dual purpose if the user prefers to use the connection. The device The basic part is the control unit, packed into a white plastic rec- tangular box with black interior sides. A black handpiece holder is mounted on the right side, behind the power switch. Two knobs are attached to the left side: the tap-water adjustment, and bottle-water adjustment. At the rear, the unit has the foot switch, AC power cord connec- tion and tap-water connector. The black operational panel and display are set in the front of the unit with blue LEDs. The hand- piece connector is located on the left side just below the display. The two bottles can be connected to the unit in the rear part on the upper side of the box via bottle base connectors. The handpiece can be easily attached and detached from the handpiece cord, and might also benefit from fibre-optics if de- sired. The handpiece is stored in a sterilisation case together with three tip wrenches and fitting tips – a great variety of tips for scaling, perio, endodontics, re- storative and prosthetics. A very special feature of NSK is the V- tip system featuring interchange- able inserts. Three different ac- tion modes are avail- able: perio, endo and general. They should be selected using the touchpad keys on the display. Once a modus is chosen, the power can be individually adjusted. The lower part of the display will show on the left a numerical dis- play, and to the right side a bar- graph indicator. The right side of the display shows the selected irrigation mode, and on the left, the selected bottle. Range of power The power range is set to allow action levels between 40 to 100 per cent for general use, 20 to 50 per cent for endodontics and 5-35 per cent for periodontics. Of course these are only sug- gestions by the manufacturer and may be altered. The selected power range will be shown as a numerical display, as well as a bar graph. To change this we will need to press the touchpad power level keys located above Ultrasonics in Endodontics Prof Liviu Steier tests the NSK Varios 970 ultrasonic device to use in endodontics page 24DTà Picture showing the clinical application of the NSK 970 Varios used to gain optimal coronal access. NSK on 0800 6341909 A variety of options from the Ultrasonic scalers provide a patient-friendly and efficient way to meet the challenges of perio, endo, hygiene and minimal intervention treatment techniques. The Varios 970 from NSK, can be used for these treatments, simply by exchanging the tip – and with a choice of over 70 tips, there is one for every procedure. “The Varios 970 offers me the scope of greater control of power and greater flexibility of use. The tips are excellent in shape and form and the tactile feel from the handpiece is as good as I have used. It has been difficult to keep the unit in my surgery, my hygienist uses it on all our implant patients, using the specifically designed tips which are great for accessing the difficult tissue beneath implant restorations. Overall I am extremely happy to recommend this product to any of my colleagues but beware, like our practice, I think you may need to buy more than one!!” Bob McLelland, St Ann’s Dental, Manchester “Using the Varios gives one the ability to achieve a more precise cavity preparation and margin refinement. The diamond coated tips are much smaller and more refined than conventional burs and it is the ideal tool for minimally invasive dentistry. The use of the single sided tips during interproximal preparation prevents damage to adjacent teeth.” Basil Mizrahi, www. basilmizrahi.co.uk • Twin LED handpiece delivers shadow-free illumination • Supplied with 3 tips, 3 wrenches and an autoclavable container • 2nd solution container allows easy exchange of irrigants • 3 power ranges - Perio, Endo and General • Also available as a built-in unit - Varios 170 refined than conventional burs and it is the ideal tool for minimally invasive dentistry. The use of the single sided tips during interproximal preparation prevents damage Varios 970 NSK United Kingdom Ltd www.nsk-uk.com Office 5 Gateway 1000 Arlington Business Park Whittle Way Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 2FP Tel: 0800 6341909 +44 (0)1438 310670 Fax: 0800 6341910 +44 (0)1438 310671 Call NSK today! 0800 6341909 For more information and to see the whole range of scaler tips available visit www.myvarios.co.uk Rent or Buy Varios 970 LUX for only £74.24 + VAT per month £74.24 + VAT per month NSK has some of the most advanced oral hygiene and small surgery equipment on the market and now these state-of-the-art products are available for the first time on a rental basis, allowing you to use the very latest equipment for a small fixed monthly fee*. *Business use only, subject to status. Rental is arranged through our finance partners Snowbird Finance Ltd. 1005DT4 NSK offers a wide choice of Varios ultrasonic scaler tips for clinical applications Restorative Prosthetics Scaling Maintenance Perio NSK are sponsoring sessions and workshops at ISDH on 2nd & 3rd July. For full details visit www.bsdht.org.uk See us at ISDH Stand 26

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