So we have a new Prime Minister and Government, and all seems rosy in camp Cameron and Clegg. Now the real work begins of running the country, reducing the national deficit and getting the ornaments out to adorn the cupboards of Number 10. The papers have been full this week of the dire state of the country’s finances and the dras- tic measures needed to redress this state. With £6bn of cuts to be announced, and an emergency budget planned for June 22, all areas of industry, not just health- care, are waiting anxiously to see what this will mean in terms of their business. Closer to home, we are still awaiting the announcement of the ministerial portfolios for the new ministers and under secre- taries for health. Of the four an- nounced so far, Paul Burstow, Simon Burns, Anne Milton and Earl Howe, there is noth- ing obvious which makes them stand out as more suitable for dentistry so it is a case of wait and see what happens. For what it’s worth, my money is on Paul Burstow... DT Do you have an opinion or some- thing to say on any Dental Tribune UK article? Or would you like to write your own opinion for our guest comment page? If so don’t hesitate to write to: The Editor, Dental Tribune UK Ltd, 4th Floor, Treasure House, 19-21 Hatton Garden, London, EC1 8BA Or email: lisa@dentaltribuneuk.com Editorial comment Brave New World ‘ ‘ Immediately after brushing, billions of bacteria come back and start multiplying1 Graphical representation; for illustration only Evidence-Based toothpaste Recommend it to your patients www.colgateprofessional.co.ukColgate Customer Care Team: 01483 401 901 Clinically proven 12-hour antibacterial protection 1 Loesche WJ. Dental Caries: A Treatable Infection. Springfield, Illinois: Charles Thomas; 1982:64-66. 2 Amornchat C, Kraivaphan P, Triratana T. Mahidol Dent J. 2004;24:103-111. 3 Kruger IJ, Murphy CM, Sullivan RJ. Demonstration of the sustained effect of Colgate Total by confocal microscopy. Poster presented at: American Association for Dental Research; March 7-10, 2001; Chicago, IL. Abstract 1031. Trade name of medicinal product: ColgateTotalToothpaste. Active ingredients: Triclosan 0.3% w/w, Sodium Fluoride 0.32% w/w (1450ppm F) Indications: To reduce dental caries, improve gingival health and reduce the progression of periodontitis. Dosage and administration: Brush the teeth for one minute twice daily. Children under 7, use a pea-sized amount. If using fluoride supplements, consult your Dentist. Contraindications: None Known. Individuals with known sensitivities should consult with their dentist before using. Special warnings and special precautions for use: Children under 7, use a pea-sized amount. If using fluoride supplements, consult your Dentist. Interactions with other medicines: None known. It is important to note that as for any fluoride containing toothpaste in children under systemic fluoride therapy, it is important to evaluate the total exposure to fluoride (fluorosis). Undesirable effects: None known. Legal classification: GSL. Product licence number: PL0049/0036. Product licence holder: Colgate-Palmolive (U.K.) Ltd, Guildford Business Park, Middleton Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 8JZ. Recommended retail price: £1.29 (50ml tube), £2.29 (100ml tube). Date of revision of text: August 2009. • Unique triclosan and copolymer formulation retains triclosan on soft and hard tissues to hinder plaque recolonisation • Clinically proven to significantly reduce bacteria for 12 hours2,3 D ental trainees are to get a new national training co- mmittee, the Joint Com- mittee for Postgraduate Training in Dentistry be launched in June. It will be made up of represen- tatives from across postgraduate dental education and training. The JCPTD will provide ad- vice on foundation training and specialist training in dentistry and will promote a consistency of approach to training and fa- cilitate robust quality assurance. Key components of the JCP- TD will be the Advisory Board for Dental Foundation Training and the Advisory Board for Spe- cialist Training in Dentistry whi- ch will be supported by the exist- ing Specialist Advisory Commit- tees (SACs). Chair-elect of the JCPTD, Prof Jonathan Cowpe, current director of Dental Postgraduate Education in Wales and previ- ously head of Bristol Dental School and dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery, the Royal Col- lege of Surgeons of Edinburgh, said: “Dentistry and educational issues associated with the pro- fession have entered an inter- esting and challenging period. I look forward to working with key stakeholders to enhance communication and promote a shared ownership of the initia- tives of the JCPTD. This should facilitate enhanced cooperation on the future direction of dental education in the UK. This strat- egy should be at the heart of a modern approach to the contin- uum of education, underpinning the concept of lifelong learning in dentistry.” DT New training committee for dental trainees 3NewsMay 24-30, 2010United Kingdom Edition

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