to interact as they wish and not to be worried. You can feel a sigh of relief going through the room once I’ve said this. And of course I do stick to it. I would never like to embarrass someone.” Talking about the course it- self, it’s easy to get carried away with Eddie’s quiet enthusiasm for what he teaches: “I want my delegates to understand the principles of what they’re doing, rather than painting by numbers. I want them to understand what they need to ask a representative when they come to their practice. “What I teach isn’t specific to any of the implant systems. I am expecting that by the end of the week is that delegates will have an understanding of their own capabilities, so they are able to decide for themselves what they can do. They will certainly have the knowledge to treatment plan a simple case, they will have the knowledge to place an implant in a simple case, and restore that implant in a simple case. Eddie is very clear that course is not meant to be the end of a delegate’s training in implants: “I very often help [del- egates] decide how to proceed in their careers after they’ve done my course. I consider my six days as a comprehensive, but ba- sic introduction. I then suggest that they should do a two-day advanced surgical course, which was part of my year-long course. It’s not so they can then go on to do a sinus graft procedure. What we really need them to know is how to diagnose and treatment plan for a sinus graft procedure, and instruct someone who’s competent and capable to do it for them, before they’ve learned how to do it. I think that’s really important, that they know their own competence.” Eddie believes that much of what is successful about both his practice and his courses is the team he has around him: “We have a good relationship in the practice between all members of staff and I think we all work very hard to create that. “We’ve got two hygienists, three dentists, a specialist peri- odontist one day a week and for the rest of time a cosmetic den- tist, me, practice manager Diane, senior nurse Sarah, Laura (my nurse) and Tanya downstairs, and my wife in the background running the courses. “Some of the team have been with me a very long time, for ex- ample Diane has worked with me for 25 years. She says she’s going to retire, but she’s going to retire when I retire. Sarah has been with us for 10 years and is my right hand. She’s wonderful and works to keep everything together. Laura has been with me for two and a half years and is one of the most competent and loyal nurses you’re likely to meet. She always looks after me, to make sure I don’t miss any- thing or forget something.” Eddie is not just about his course though. “I think what makes me tick is that I have such a wonderful and varied life in that I’m an oral surgeon, I love my surgery. I have my operating theatre, I’m never disturbed in it, and it’s something I love doing. But I’m also a prosthodontist, I carry out my own crown and bridge work, which I love and it’s another part of my life. “I’ve got two sides to my clin- ical life, and then I’ve got teach- ing which allows me to travel the world. I’m also chairman of the editorial board of Implant Today, which gives me a nice outlet as I write editorial for them every three months. I’ve also been invited, by Prof Ucer, President Elect of the ADI to be scientific advisor/chairman for the two years while he’s in office in 2012-13.” Although he’s been practis- ing for almost 40 years, Eddie has no plans to hang up the drill just yet. “I love dentistry. I actu- ally LOVE it. When people talk about retiring, they ask me if I can afford it. Yes, I can afford it, but I have no intention of giving up. I don’t know what I’d do. I don’t even have an exit strategy for the practice. As far as I’m concerned, we go on. I’m enjoy- ing it so much, so there’s no rea- son to stop. Certainly my sight and my hands are as good as they were 10 years ago, so I am very happy to continue. My big- gest problem in life is that I took up golf five years ago thinking I’d be superb, but I’m rubbish. I’m getting better, but if you ask me my handicap…” DT OSSEOINTEGRATED IMPLANTOLOGY COURSE Osseointegrated Implantology Courses Sunday 10th October – Friday 15th October 2010 Inclusive This intensive format is ideal for delegates who wish to participate in a course over 6 consecutive days – Fee £2200 Topics covered include: • examination and treatment planning• dealing with the patient within the practice.• anatomy, physiology. • biomaterials • sterility • surgical templates • surgical techniques (to include bone augmentation and advanced surgical techniques) • implant impression techniques • jaw registration • articulation • periodontal consideration (to include maintenance protocol and guided tissue regeneration) • Connecting teeth to implants • Detailed literature review. There will be guest speakers on the following subjects; Dr Joe Omar on ʻMedical Emergenciesʼ Dr Alan Cohen on ʻMedico – Legal Aspectsʼ Mr Sean Goldner on ʻCT Scanningʼ Mr Keith Rowe on ʻLaboratory Techniquesʼ There will be hands-on session on the surgical, prosthetic and laboratory phases, and the delegates will attend a CT scan appointment with one of the patients on the course. This course is suitable for the application of all different osseointegrated implant systems. Delegates who complete the course are eligible for the ICOI Fellowship, without further examination. This course carries 36 hours of CPD accreditation. Course accredited for MFGDP, MGDS, and FFGDP. Colleagues are welcome to arrange to come and view our practice. For more details please contact our Practice Manageress. DR EDWIN L C SCHER REGISTERED SPECIALIST IN SURGICAL DENTISTRY & PROSTHODONTICS Booking details: 16 Walpole Street London SW3 4QP [T] 020 7584 9833 / 020 7584 7740 [F] 020 7730 0347 [E ]reception@walpolestreetdental.co.uk www.dental-implants.co.uk Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology BDS (London), LDS, RCS Eng., MFGDP RCS Eng. Hurry!Fillingfast! Pg 54-Eddie Scher_Layout 1 14/05/2010 14:39 Page 1 9FeatureMay 24-30, 2010United Kingdom Edition

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