News & Opinions DENTALTRIBUNE Middle East & Africa Edition2 periodontal and dental tissues. It was conducted by Prof. Angelo Putignano a professor in restora- tive dentistry and the head of oper- ative dentistry and endodontic de- partment at the University of Marche – Ancona – Italy. He is the co-author of the book “Adhesive dentistry:thekeytosuccess”.Itwas his first visit in Middle East. WhileinSaudiArabia,DrRach- dan was speaking about Latest Ad- vancements In Restorative Den- tistry, classifications of bonding systems,comparedtheadvantages and disadvantages of Total etch Vs Self etch adhesives, the features of nanocomposites and the use of the layering technique for the chal- lenging anterior cases Filtek Z350 XT universal restorative delivers even better es- thetic qualities through an ex- panded range of body shades. This offers more universal options for creating easy, natural-looking, one-shade restorations, while maintainingthecomposite’sversa- tility for dual or multi-layering techniques (four opacities are available). Additional advance- ments include improved polish re- tention of dentin, body and enamel shades, as well as improved han- dling of translucent shades. Be- yond the product attributes, addi- tional simplification is seen in the form of new, bold labeling and color-coded opacities, which sim- plify the shade selection process. “Feedback from dental profes- sionalsisatthecoreof3MESPEin- novation, and it’s what allows us to take industry-leading composite technology and make it even bet- ter,” said Dr. Samer Aouad, Scien- tific Marketing Supervisor-3M ESPE - Middle East and Africa who was also present in the scientific event. “With Filtek Z350 XT, we’ve modified the technology to main- taintheexcellenthandlingdentists love while improving upon polish retentionandsimplifyingtheshad- ing system.” As the first and only composite system to incorporate true nan- otechnology, the Filtek line has gained a strong following over the past six years for its ability to pro- videthepolishandpolishretention of a microfill, while maintaining thestrengthandwearpropertiesof a modern hybrid. DT Page 1DT “A key consideration in tooth regeneration is finding a cost-ef- fective approach that can translate intotherapiesforpatientswhocan- not afford or who aren’t good can- didates for dental implants,” Dr Mao told Dental Tribune Asia Pa- cific. “Our findings represent the first report of regeneration of anatomically shaped tooth-like structures in vivo.” Dr Mao’s study has been pub- lishedintherecentJournalofDen- tal Research and will be presented atthisyear’sInternationalAssocia- tionofDentalResearchcongressin Barcelona. Columbia has also an- nouncedtohavefiledpatientappli- cations in relation to the engi- neered tooth and is actively seek- ingpartnerstohelpcommercialise thetechnologythroughitstechnol- ogy transfer office Columbia Tech- nology Ventures. DT Page 1DT By all measures, figures and Statistics, the Stars meeting (AOIA 2010) was the most successful Im- plantology meeting the history of the Middle East and Africa The AOIA was honored to have thebrighteststarsinthefieldoforal Implantology gathering to achieve itsaimofspreadingtheknowledge and getting people together The Super Star, Dr. Henry Salama, -a main member of Team Atlanta- conducted a half day course "Minimally Invasive Im- plants protocols and Management of risk factors in Esthetic therapy: Successbydesign"whichreceived a magnificent applaud by the at- tendants who reached 2000 regis- trations on the first day. me feel like part of the family.” TheCongresswasalsoenlight- ened by the presence of Dr Ken- nethJudytheICOIco-founder&co chairman, Dr Morton Perel the chief editor of Implant Dentistry journal, ICOI & Mr. Craig Johnson the ICOI Executive Director com- ing specially to reward our fellow- ship recipients. The scientific program hosted other stars like Dr Gerald A.Niznick, Prof Nabil Barakat, Dr MohamedHassan,ProfdrAtesPar- lar, Dr Nadim Aboujouade, Prof Ahmed El Serafi, Dr Nik Sisodia, and many others.. To continue their leadership, the AOIA hosted the ICOI fellow- shiprewardsceremony,whichwas heldon24thMarchduringtheGala Dinner in Crystal palace where 26 dentistsreceivedtheirICOIfellow- ships & masterships. Whetheryouwerethereornot, don’t miss the coming event. Mark your calendar for the AOIA 2012 greatevent:StarsBeyondtheHori- zon. April 25-27, 2012 DT Did you see the STARS Twinkle in Alexandria? DentalXp would like to congratulate Professor ElAttar and all the AOIA Academy members for a great and successful meeting in Alexandria Egypt, in March 2010 Dr Henry Salama: “I would like to personally thank all those who made DENTALTRIBUNE The World’s Dental Newspaper · Middle East & Africa Edition Published by Education Zone in licence of Dental Tribune International GmbH © 2010, Dental Tribune International GmbH. All rights reserved. Dental Tribune makes every effort to report clinical information and manu- facturer’s product news accurately, but cannot assume responsibility for the validityofproductclaims,orfortypographicalerrors.Thepublishersalsodo not assume responsibility for product names or claims, or statements made by advertisers. Opinions expressed by authors are their own and may not re- flect those of Dental Tribune International. Editorial Board Prof. Abdullah Al-Shammary, Restorative Dentistry, KSA Prof. Hussain F. Al Huwaizi, Endodontics, Iraq Prof. Samar Burgan, Oral Medicine, Jordan Dr. Abdel Salam Al Askary, Implantology, Egypt Dr. Talal Al-Harbi, Orthodontist, Qatar Dr. Mohammed H. Al Jishi, Bahrain Dr. Lara Bakaeen, Prosthodontist , Jordan Dr. Aisha Sultan, Periodontist, UAE Dr. Kamal Balaghi Mobin Aesthetics, Iran President/CEO Yasir Allawi y.allawi@dental-tribune.ae Director mCME: Dr. D. Mollova info@cappmea.com Marketing manager Khawla Najib khawla@dental-tribune.ae Production manager Hussain Alvi dentalme@dental-tribune.ae PO Box 214592, Dubai, UAE, Tel + 971 4 391 0257 Fax + 971 4 366 4512 www.dental-tribune.com

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