Recently in Dubai, at The At- lantis Hotel Palm Jumeirah, 3M hosted an Incognito Certification Course with up to 50 Orthodontists fromacrosstheMiddleEastregion. Dima Zein, Business Develop- mentManagerof3M™Unitek™ in Middle East & Africa says, “Those patients that rejected orthodontic treatment for aesthetic reasons in thepastcannowreconsiderthanks to the new technology and - if we judge by the significant up-take of Incognito based on sales – con- sumers are responding well. With thegrowinglevelofadultinterestin aesthetics,weexpectevenmorefo- cusontheIncognito™LingualSys- tem by orthodontists, as they re- spond to this consumer demand.” The patented manufacturing process of the Incognito™ system guarantees a remarkable flat de- sign and as a result, offers patients seeking straighter teeth and effec- tivetreatmentandmaximumcom- fort. The new Incognito™ Bracket System is based on digital registra- tion of the malocclusion situation. The brackets are then individually designed and optimally positioned in the computer. State-of-the-art Rapid Prototyping technology is used for the actual manufacturing oflingualbrackets. Thesinglepro- duction stages are illustrated and described in the category produc- tion. Interview with Dr. Khaled A. Al- Khayat, D.D.S., M.S. Assistant Professor Orthodontist 1) Why do you think that 3M’s Incognitotreatmentissuchabene- ficial treatment to use at your prac- tice? TheIncognitotreatmentisvery beneficial treatment, not only for mypracticebutalsoformypatients both in the short and long-term. The biggest advantage is that this treatmentiscustom-madeforeach individual, chair time is reduced and the whole treatment is much more efficient in its design and ap- plication. I have actually had pa- tients come in and ask me if we could provide the Incognito treat- ment, which just goes to show how good this treatment actually is. 2) Please can you tell me a bit about the 3M products you have used in your practice and how you think they have fared? Up until now I have been using the Clarity SL treatment which has seen some very good results, and is very beneficial in the sense that it doesn’t stain as much as other braces,andismuchmoreaestheti- cally pleasing due to its smaller size. Again,chairtimeisgreatlyre- duced with Clarity SL. 3)Haveyouseenanincreasein adultsreceivingorthodontisttreat- ments to achieve that ‘Perfect Smile’, and if so why do you think that is? Therehasalwaysbeendemand for orthodontic treatment among adults, but this trend has most defi- nitely increased over the last 15 to 20 years. This is due to more and more people wanting to emulate celebrities,andgetthat‘Hollywood Smile’. With a product like Incog- nito,whichisalingualtreatment,it is now much easier and more ac- ceptable for adults to receive the treatment. Interview with Jean-Stephane Simon, Clinical Director – Lin- gual Certificate University of Paris,Speakeratthecertification course. 1) Why is it so important for or- thodontistsformtheregiontocom- plete this course? It is really important because this is the only customized treat- ment in the world; there is nothing else like it which exists. Therefore it is vital that orthodontists are trained to be able to use the treat- mentinthemosteffectivewaypos- sible. 2) Do you think that through hosting these workshops you will raise awareness of the Incognito brand? Yes, we have definitely seen an increase in the number of people worldwide who are asking about Incognito. Once orthodontists know about the great benefits of this treatment, then of course they will want a bit of the action. 3) Can you tell me about why you work with 3M and what Incog- nito’s story is? In2002Incognitowastestedon its first patient, and the treatment wasthenonthemarketby2004. Up to 500 custom-made Incognito braces are built every week, all overtheworld(apartfromtheUS). 3M Incognito Certification Course, Dubai March DENTALTRIBUNE Middle East & Africa Edition News & Opinions 5 AD

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