DENTALTRIBUNE Middle East & Africa Edition Trends & Applications 9 AD Fig 4 A, Teeth before placement of all-ceramic bridge and three all-ceramic crowns. Fig 4 B, Finished result. Fig 5 A, An implant has been placed beneath the gum and in the bone to replace the missing right lateral in- cisor tooth. Fig. 5 B, A zirconia abutment has been attached to the implant with a screw Fig. 5 C, An all-ceramic crown has been cemented over the abutment. Fig. 8 A, Bar retained by 4 implants providesretentionandsupportforup- per complete denture. Fig. 8 B, Denture placed over bar re- tainer. Fig 3 A, Teeth before placement of all-ceramic crowns. Fig 3 B, Teeth with all-ceramic crowns in place.

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