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DT U.S. Edition, November 2010, Vol. 5, No. 22

DENTAL TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Newspaper · U.S. Edition PRSRTSTD U.S.Postage PAID Permit#306 Mechanicsburg,PA HYGIENE TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Hygiene Newspaper · U.S. Edition AD u page 1B Electronic health records In preparing for the inevitable in 2014, does your practice have a Privacy Officer?u page 6A The importance of privacy Learn more about HIPAA, patients’ rights and privacy violations. g DT page 2A Get MouthPower is a new web resource where seniors age 50 and over can learn about oral-health issues specific to their age group. This user-friendly, interactive site includes comprehensive and quality oral-health information that can be used as a personal health resource or shared with family and friends with easy-to-use online sharing tools. The site, focusing on the unique oral-health issues of older adults, was created by the National Muse- um of Dentistry with the support of Colgate-Palmolive. The site is locat- ed at Get MouthPower includes infor- mative oral-health tips, including an exploration of how the adult mouth is changing and what to do about it, New website offers tips for a healthy adult smile Dr. Rich Madow, from left, Dr. Jill Coon and Dr. Dave Madow dur- ing ‘The Best Seminar Ever’ in 2009. We’ve got information about this year’s meeting, which you won’t want to miss! g See page 8A ‘The Best Seminar Ever’ heads to Vegas g DT page 2A Raymond F. Gist, DDS (Photo/ADA) The American Dental Associa- tion (ADA) recently acknowledged that it deeply regrets not taking a stronger stand against discrimina- tory membership practices during the pre-civil rights era. ADA President Raymond Gist, DDS, said making the announce- ment public reinforces the ADA’s commitment to a diverse and inclu- sive profession, moving us forward in a new spirit of collaboration to advance the dental profession and the oral health of the public. “In looking forward, we also must look back,” stated Gist, the first African American to serve as ADA president. “Along with acknowledging past mistakes and to build a stronger, collaborative platform for future accomplish- ments, the ADA apologizes to den- tists for not strongly enforcing non- discriminatory membership prac- tices prior to 1965. These are not my words alone — they embody a resolution adopted by the ADA Officers and Board of Trustees.” Improvements in diversity Gist said that in the 45 years since he was a dental student, there have been improvements in the diversity of the dental profession, member- ship and leadership of the ADA, and in initiatives to reduce dispari- ties in the public’s oral health. He said that although doors have been opened, more can be done to encourage careers in dentist- ry, citing enrollment in U.S. den- tal schools not keeping pace with the growth of underrepresented minorities in the U.S. population. Gist explained that U.S. Cen- sus Bureau data indicate in 2009, African Americans and Hispanic Americans each totaled about 12.9 percent and 15.8 percent of the U.S. population, respectively. Yet, ADA survey data for the 2008/2009 school year indicate only about six percent of dental students were African American and six percent were Hispanic American. Gist also noted that when it comes to the oral health of the pub- lic, African Americans and Hispan- ic Americans suffer higher rates of dental diseases. Earlier this year, the National ADA apology reinforces diversity commitment LAB TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Lab Newspaper · U.S. Edition HYGIENE TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Hygiene Newspaper · U.S. Edition DentalTribuneAmerica 213West35thStreet Suite#801 NewYork,NY10001 November 2010 vol. 5, No. 22 The digital era Use of an X-ray phantom in dental 3-D diagnostics in digital volume tomographs. upage 1C SpecialTBSeediTion