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DT U.S. Edition, November 2010, Vol. 5, No. 22

Curvy: 3-D shaped anatomical wedges The Curvy Anatomical Den- tal Wedge is three-dimensionally shaped to follow the contour of the tooth. Other wedges bend only two- dimensionally. The synthetic Curvy wedge follows the anatomy of the tooth and will create significantly less tissue irritation and postopera- tive discomfort. It will help to adapt the matrix band more precisely for a faster finish of the restoration by achieving more accurate interproxi- mal contacts and less chances for overhangs. It is easy to insert and remove with cotton pliers. Curvy comes in three different sizes — small, medium and large — in clockwise and counter-clock- wise wedges. For critical marginal adaptation, the clockwise and the counter-clockwise wedges should be used simultaneously from oppo- site sides of the tooth. Curvy wedges are supplied in circular blister packs from which they can very easily be extracted. The different colors facilitate quick selection of the required wedges. The wedges with clockwise cur- vature are orange and those with counter-clockwise curvature are blue, and the two colors are shaded differently for each size of wedge. DT VOCO America Tel.: (888) 658-2584 Futurabond M, a new all-in-one self-etch adhesive, ensures high bond strengths on dentin and enam- el. The new adhesive from VOCO is reinforced with nano particles. Thanks to nano-technology, Futura- bond M achieves the highest level of stability and uniform adhesion, both with the tooth substance and restor- ative. Nano-scaled silicon dioxide particles with a diameter of appoxi- mately 20 nm (0.00002 mm) provide for cross-linking of the bond’s resin components and improve its film building properties. The adhesive optimally wets the released collagen fibres and the micro-retentive etching pattern is created on the enamel during the etching process. The sensitive colla- gen-fibre network therefore cannot collapse and is entirely integrated into the adhesive layer. The far-reaching resin tags in the dentin tubules harden during polymerization and strengthen the retentive bond of the collagen fibre- bonding hybrid layer. This effective combination of micro-mechanical and chemical anchoring also pro- vides long-lasting marginal integrity and the avoidance of postoperative sensitivities. Futurabond M is quick to use and takes only 35 seconds from applica- tion to light curing with only one layer to apply. Futurabond M has a working time of up to five minutes, which permits short breaks during application without compromising the quality of the adhesive. Futurabond M is available in eco- nomic bottles or in VOCO’s patented convenient and hygienic single dose blisters. The single-dose system overcomes the problem of solvent evaporation, which weakens the bond strength that occurs when bot- tles are left open. For every applica- tion, a new Futurabond M Single Dose can be opened just seconds before use, and thus reliable results are guaranteed each time. DT VOCO America Tel.: (888) 658-2584 Industry News DENTAL TRIBUNE | November 201010A nozzles ensures that the powder is thoroughly washed out of the pocket, along with the removed biofilm, according to EMS. The nozzle is simply fitted onto the Perio-Flow handpiece, which has a magnetic holding device and can therefore be removed flexibly. The Air-Flow Master does not simply take care of periodontal pockets, but also provides supra- gingival prophylaxis. Whether plaque or hard deposits — the Air-Flow handpiece “strokes” the tooth surfaces clean with the appropriate powder gently and selectively. In addition to the clas- sic powder, EMS has developed a soft powder for more sensitive teeth. And recently, patients have acquired a taste for this treat- ment: The classic powder is avail- able not only in a “neutral” flavor, but also in cherry, black currant, tropical, lemon and mint flavors. Every flavor has its own color- coded ring, which is placed on the powder chamber so that it is clear at a glance which flavor is being With the new Air-Flow Master from EMS, prophylaxis is enter- ing a previously unexplored area. This instrument gives periodontal pockets a thorough cleaning by air polishing. The biokinetic energy, applied in a powder-air-water mixture, removes the biofilm down to the base of the pocket, brings about a sustained reduction in bacteria, firms the gum and reduces the pocket depth. The patient benefits twice over because the procedure is not only more efficient, but also more comfortable than conven- tional curettes or instruments that scratch the tooth. This “subgingival deep diving” uses a special single-use nozzle, combined with extra-fine grain Air-Flow Powder that is non- abrasive on the tooth surface. The flat and tapered, slightly bent nozzle has three openings from which the powder-air-water mixture emerges in the subgingi- val area with gentle turbulence. The special construction of the used at any time. The Air-Flow Master is oper- ated exclusively through touch and, therefore, is very hygienic. The person providing treatment places one finger on the touch panel and controls the power and liquid functions from minimum to maximum by gently stroking over them. In addition, a fingertip is enough to switch between the Air- Flow and Perio-Flow applications. The application currently in use lights up in fluorescent blue. Because of its smooth surfaces, the instrument is easy and hygien- ic to clean and thereby guarantees the highest hygienic standards, according to EMS. More information is available from EMS Electro Medical Sys- tems Corp. DT Electro Medical Systems Corp. 11886 Greenville Ave., #120 Dallas, Texas 75243 Tel.: (972) 690-8382 Fax: (972) 690-8981 EMS Air-Flow Master: prophylaxis now also available for periodontal pockets For deep periodontal pockets: The Perio-Flow handpiece, the nozzle and the Perio Air-Flow Powder The new Air-Flow Master from EMS: the subgingival practice unit. (Photos/ Provided by VOCO) Futurabond M: all-in- one self-etch adhesive (Photo/ Provided by VOCO)