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DT U.S. Edition, November 2010, Vol. 5, No. 22

Publisher & Chairman Torsten Oemus Vice President Global Sales Peter Witteczek Chief Operating Officer Eric Seid Group Editor & Designer Robin Goodman Editor in Chief Dental Tribune Dr. David L. Hoexter Managing Editor/Designer Implant, Endo & Lab Tribunes Sierra Rendon Managing Editor/Designer Ortho Tribune & Show Dailies Kristine Colker Online Editor Fred Michmershuizen Product & Account Manager Mark Eisen Marketing Manager Anna Wlodarczyk Sales & Marketing Assistant Lorrie Young C.E. Manager Julia E. Wehkamp Dental Tribune America, LLC 116 West 23rd Street, Suite 500 New York, NY 10011 Tel.: (212) 244-7181 Fax: (212) 244-7185 Published by Dental Tribune America © 2010 Dental Tribune America, LLC All rights reserved. Dental Tribune strives to maintain the utmost accuracy in its news and clini- cal reports. If you find a factual error or content that requires clarification, please contact Group Editor Robin Goodman at Dental Tribune cannot assume respon- sibility for the validity of product claims or for typographical errors. The pub- lisher also does not assume responsibility for product names or statements made by advertisers. Opinions expressed by authors are their own and may not reflect those of Dental Tribune America. Dr. Joel Berg Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci Dr. Gorden Christensen Dr. Rella Christensen Dr. William Dickerson Hugh Doherty Dr. James Doundoulakis Dr. David Garber Dr. Fay Goldstep Dr. Howard Glazer Dr. Harold Heymann Dr. Karl Leinfelder Dr. Roger Levin Dr. Carl E. Misch Dr. Dan Nathanson Dr. Chester Redhead Dr. Irwin Smigel Dr. Jon Suzuki Dr. Dennis Tartakow Dr. Dan Ward Editorial Board DENTAL TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Newspaper · US Edition The National Museum of Dentistry is offering an online oral-health resource for adults age 50 and over. (Photo/ Provided by the National Museum of Dentistry) f DT page 1A Tell us what you think! Do you have general comments or criticism you would like to share? Is there a particular topic you would like to see more articles about? Let us know by e-mailing us at If you would like to make any change to your subscription (name, address or to opt out) please send us an e-mail at and be sure to include which publication you are referring to. Also, please note that subscription changes can take up to 6 weeks to process. AD Dental Association (NDA), Hispan- ic Dental Association (HDA), the Society of American Indian Den- tists and the ADA held the first National Summit on Diversity in Dentistry. At the summit, represen- tatives from each organization pre- sented deeply personal testimoni- als on the history of exclusion and inclusion in organized dentistry. They described current initia- tives to improve diversity in the profession and leadership, and to reduce population disparities in oral health status. The presidents of the four organizations also com- mitted to continuing their dialogue, focusing on oversight of current and future collaborations. The ADA has a number of pro- grams and activities devoted to inclusion such as the Institute for Diversity in Leadership, which provides a diverse group of dentists with education and experience to set new leadership paths within the profession and their communi- ties; the Student Ambassador Pro- gram; and the Council on Dental Education and Licensure’s Career Guidance and Diversity Activities Committee (Committee D). Com- mittee D is comprised of 14 mem- bers, including representatives of the NDA, HDA and the Society of American Indian Dentists. “The more our profession reaches out and makes everyone — from every walk of life and with every career ambition — feel wel- come, the more talented our next generation of dentists will be,” Gist stated. DT (Source: American Dental Association) a special look at unique nutritional issues as people age, and an explo- ration of the connection between the mouth and the body. Sprinkled throughout the site is trivia about historic objects from the National Museum of Dentistry’s collection, such as the real story behind George Washington’s “wooden” teeth. The unique oral-health issues of older adults is quickly becoming a priority as the U.S. population age 65 and over is anticipated to increase from 40 million in 2010 to 55 million in 2020 (a 36 percent jump), accord- ing to the U.S. Administration on Aging. People are also living longer, averaging 18 years after age 65. “We want this growing segment of the population to become more aware of their health needs and the importance of good oral health,” said National Museum of Dentistry Executive Director Jonathan Land- ers. “Get MouthPower is an engag- ing resource for older adults to learn about changing oral-health issues and options specific to their age group. The more you know, the healthier and happier your golden years will be.” The web resource covers several main topical areas: • Your Sparkling Smile: A great smile is possible at any age. Oral- health tips will help older adults keep their smiles in top condition, including how to address emerging mobility and dexterity issues, how to care for implants and dentures, and how to be prepared for dental visits. • About Your Mouth: Our mouth is constantly changing as we age, including changes in tooth color and enamel, gum tissue and sensation. Find out what’s going on and what can be done about tooth loss, dry mouth and more. Plus, take a risk News DENTAL TRIBUNE | November 20102A assessment for oral cancer. • Fit to Eat: Nutritional needs change at every stage of life. Check out these food tips to boost health, including a calculator to measure daily calcium intake and an enter- taining nutritional boxing bout between your favorite foods. • The Mouth/Body Connection: Your mouth and body are intercon- nected. Learn about the connec- tion between oral health and overall health, and how periodontitis can affect heart disease, stroke and dia- betes. • Interactive Timeline: An inter- active oral-health timeline that shows how a visit to the dentist has changed over the years, how den- tistry has influenced pop culture, how toothbrushes and concoctions for a sparkling smile have evolved through the ages, and who are some famous and infamous dentists. Get MouthPower was created by the National Museum of Dentistry. It was made possible by the financial support of Colgate-Palmolive. DT (Source: National Museum of Dentistry) f DT page 1A