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today IDS Cologne Show Preview

trends 13Show Preview IDS Cologne 2011 n During their visit to IDS 2011, gen- eral dentists, dental technicians and orthodontic specialists will be pre- sented with a unique opportunity to obtain a comprehensive overview of thelatestconceptsinorthodonticsand its related disciplines such as implan- tology, periodontology, radiology and material science. Orthodontic care providersaswellaspatientsdobenefit from the increasing miniaturization of elements, “invisible” lingual brackets and wires, intelligent Ligier methods aswellasnewbody-friendlymaterials. Theindustryisalsoofferingwork- placesespeciallyfortherequirements of orthodontic specialists. These units have been consistently designed ac- cording to ergonomic principles and allow better access to the patient—an advantage particularly in the treat- ment of children and young people. Modern orthodontic treatment processes making effective contribu- tionstothecorrectdevelopmentofthe masticatory system. Nowadays, gen- eral practitioners, orthodontics spe- cialists and dental technicians operat- inginthedentalprosthesisareacanbe more involved more than ever in the orthodontics field. Digital advance- ments have entered the field in form of CAD/CAM-aided aligner concepts based on modern X-ray processes, which are able to develop virtual 3-D model images and treatment plans withthehelpofcomputers.Asaresult, dentalmal-alignmentcanbeoftencor- rected faster and with less inconven- ience for the patient. Improved diagnostic methods in- cluding digital imaging with its pro- cessingandarchivingpossibilitiesare becomingincreasinglyaffordablealso for smaller dental surgeries. Func- tional diagnostics or cephalometric analysesarealsobenefitingfromtech- nological achievements. As a result, remote lateral X-ray imaging can also be performed digitally today. The digi- tal transfer of data within the surgery or to laboratories has now become standard due to good dental work or- ganisation. In addition, intra-oral cam- eras support the patient's pre-treat- ment discussion with the dentist. “The scientific and technological advances offer orthodontics and its re- lateddisciplinesoutstandingtherapeu- tic opportunities,” explains Dr Martin Rickert, CEO, Association of German DentalManufacturers(VDDI—Verband der Deutschen Dental-Industrie). “Similar to other fields in den- tistry, digital processes are increas- inglyfindingtheirwayintodailyprac- tice or into laboratories where they provide new opportunities for ortho- donticsstartingfrompatientexamina- tions, the planning and design of ther- apeutic measures to digital network- ing,” he added. 7 (Source Koelnmesse/ Edited by Daniel Zimmermann, today international) Orthodonticsinpracticeandlaboratories Field increasingly benefits from digitalization and enhanced diagnostics themarketthataresaidtomakeitpos- sible to prepare even complex root canals with only one completely over- hauled single file design. The way in- struments move as well as their struc- ture has fundamentally changed. Re- ciprocing and oscillating motion has been replacing the traditional rota- tional motion that has been the stan- dardformanyyears.Firstuserreports about the new concept are showing promising results and are currently discussed lively inside endodontic circles. Todeterminewhetherandtowhat extend these development will be an important and revolutionary step in endodontics depends on independent in-vitroand,moreimportantly,in-vitro studies. One thing is for certain, sus- pense continues to dominate our field. All the best to you and keep open- minded. 7 ➟ At last a range of implants to prevent periimplantitis The transgingival ZIRCONIA collar : behaves as an anti-bacterial shield improves fibroblasts adhesion and cell proliferation generates gingiva creeping attachment and papillae reconstruction provides full aesthetic support of the soft tissues. surgical stage1 To discover the PERIOSAVE® by TBR® range of implants : Hall 11.2 StandN030-O031 Switching PlatformPERIOSAVE PERIOSAVE ® PERIOSAVE Z1 ® ® BabyPERIOSAVE ® AD