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today IDS Cologne Show Preview

trends 15Show Preview IDS Cologne 2011 n The increasing demand for dental biomaterial and implants is driving the global dental equipment and con- sumables market. According to a re- port released by US market research company MarketsandMarkets (M&M), both segments are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6 per cent—only slightly below the 7 per cent growth rate predicted for all market segments combined. Total market volume is forecasted to reach US$27.6 billion by 2015. According to the report, the growth of these segments is expect- ed to be highest in North America and the EU, where the generation of ageing baby boomers can afford high- priced dental procedures, including cosmetic treatments and implants. Improved orthodontic products are also in high demand, especially by younger people. Improvements in the field of den- tal biomaterials and tissue regenera- tive material have enabled dentists to offer more natural and long-term den- tal solutions. The latest technology, such as CAD/CAM, reduces the over- all turnaround time for dental pro- cedures, while improving efficiency of dental practitioners further, the report states. 7 Biomaterialsandimplantsstimulateglobaldemandfordentalproducts New report forecasts compound annual growth rate to reach 6 per cent for both segments AD n Premium manufacturers are driv- ing the market for dental implants and bone-craft substitutes in coun- tries like China and India, according to iData Research. In a market report, the Canada-based consulting com- pany has forecasted the market vol- ume of both countries for dental im- plants to exceed US$400 million by the year 2017. Strong double digit growth rates were also predicted for Brazil, another potent global Emerg- ing Market. The rapid growth of dental im- plants will also drive the market for dental biomaterials and bone-craft substitutes, the report states. The number of procedures using these materials is expected to reach almost 400,000 in both countries by 2017. “The de-regulation of dental care servicesinChinaandIndiahasfueled growth of private dental clinics in major urban centers,” said Dr Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “In addition, the low cost of labor has kept im- plant procedural costs relatively low, promoting dental tourism from coun- tries such as Japan, South Korea and Australia.” Markets in China and India are currently dominated by few foreign manufacturers such as DENTSPLY Friadent,NobelBiocareorStraumann. The Swiss-based company particu- larlyhasincreaseditsmarketsharein China and South Eastern Asia with the introduction of innovative prod- ucts including the Bone Level Implant and SLActive dental implant surface technology. Global business consultant Frost & Sullivan recently awarded the com- pany with its 2010 Asia Pacific Dental Implant Company of the Year Award for superior performance in different areas such as strategic product devel- opment. Europestillholdsthelargestshare of the US3.2 billion worth global den- tal implant market followed by the US,KoreaandJapan.Themarketitself is projected to growth by more than 20percentoverthenextfiveyears.7 Implants in Emerging Markets China,India see fastest growthintoothreplacements