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today IDS Cologne Show Preview

n The minimally invasive cosmetic dentistryisanewdynamicmovement in modern dentistry which has a pa- tient and defect oriented approach and, therefore, clearly challenges a development that is too technology driven and quickly prone to over- treatment. In Europe particularly, it is understood as a concept that is com- mitted to the prevention and—if still necessary—the early, strictly defect oriented restoration of carries defects under maxi- mum preservation of healthy toothsubstance.Ontheother hand, it also aims for the subordination of treat- mentsremovingaes- thetic deficits un- dertheguiding idea of the minimally in- vasive methodology. A consis- tent implemen- tation of the MiCD concept is based on comprehensive preventative meas- ures, a sufficiently sensitive carries (risk) diagnostic, special instruments for hard tooth substance treatment, magnificationaidsandnotleastasuit- able range of adhesive restoration ma- terials. Besides efficient pro- phylactic pastes for pro- fessional teeth cleaning, SHOFU offers a com- plete line of products adjusted to the MiCD concept for the mini- mallyinvasiverestorative field. With the rotary dia- mond instruments for minimally in- vasive prepara- tion a defect- oriented access can be opened to even the smallest lesions. With the low viscous and ex- tremely thin bonding layer forming all-in-oneadhesiveBeautiBondabond to enamel and dentine is effortlessly achieved for direct restorations, in particular the MiCD typical narrow or flat cavities. Additionally, the composite sys- tem Beautifil with its extensive and matched flow range meets the de- mands of each indication, the com- pany says. 7 SHOFU DENTAL GMBH, GERMANY Hall 4.1 Booth A040–B049 industry26 Show Preview IDS Cologne 2011 REVO-S™: Endo Revolution • Intended for Endodontic treatment, Revo-S™ is a unique and innovative high performance sequence with only 3 NiTi instruments (SC1, SC2 and SU). • Its asymmetrical section initiates a snake-like movement of the instrumenta inside the canal. • Less stress on the instrument: less risk of separation. • Optimal upward removal of dentine debris: excellent cleaning. REVO-S™ OBTURATION • Revo-S™ Paper Points with adapted taper for easy and efficient drying after root canal preparation with the Revo-S™ files. • Revo-S™ GP Points with specific tapers matching the Revo-S™ files: for cold, warm or thermomechanical condensation technique. • NiTi Revo Spreaders with excellent gutta percha plugging ability for lateral condensation obturation technique after use of the Revo- S™ files. • NiTi thermocompactor Revo Condensor for thermomechanical condensation technique: The gutta percha is heat plastified through friction. HALL 10.2 BOOTH T20 U29 NEW AD n Previously, dental clinicians dealing with implants had to use several sys- tems with dif- ferent connec- tionstosolvecom- plex clinical cases. Therefore, manage- ment of protocols, staff and resources was extremely complex. Italian man- ufacturer GEASS has announced to revolutionise implant dentistry with the introduction of their new advanced way implant sys- tem at IDS. According to the com- pany, the sys- temisbasedon one single im- plant body and surgical protocol, yet offers three different connections named after famous Italian cities. While way Milano has an internal con- ical connection, hexagonal base and reduced prosthetic platform to ensure the long-term well-being of the tissue, wayRomamakesitpossibletooperate in one single surgical step due to a transmucous conical connection with an octagonal base. Additionally, way Venezia offers an external connection thatmakeitusefulincaseswhereflex- ibility in the restorative management is a must. A m o n g the way sys- tem’s many benefits is Synthegra, an own-de- veloped bio- m i m e t i c clean im- plant sur- face with pre-established geometry for improved osseointegration.Thelasertreatmentis distributed uniform on a micrometric leveloverthewholeoftheimplanttopre- vent the transportation of contami- nants. According to the company, way makes it possible to facilitate the learning curve, minimise the tools used in im- plant surgery and meet numerous restora- tiveneedswhileprividinggreatersecu- rity for the clinician. It also guarantees theutmostinsurgicalergonomics,well- being and aesthetics, they added. Based in Pozzuolo del Friuli near the Italian-Slovenian border, GEASS has been developing solution and in- struments for dental implantology for over 25 years. 7 GEASS, ITALY Hall 03.1 Booth J059 nFormorethan20years,Simbioshas never missed the most important in- ternational dental exhibitions. At IDS, the Export Promotion Group Consor- tium from Italy will present the com- pleterangeofproductsandlatestinno- vation from their member companies and give visitors the opportunity to learnaboutthelatestdevelopmentsin dental technology and equipment. Founded in 1989, Simbios aims to promoting its member companies’ products abroad and supporting with international market contacts by of- fering foreign buyers a wide range of dental products and applications. Nowadays,thecompanyisseenbyfor- eign dealers as a single partner offer- ing a wide range of dental products and applications including implant systems, ceiling lamps, dental study devices, furniture for dental surgeries and laboratories, dental units, com- pressors, aesthetic treatment, dental alloys,dentalattachments,high-speed turbines, micromotors, coupling sys- tems, hoses and curing lamps. It is incorporating a number of dental specialist companies such as B&B Dental, Edarredo, Euro C.A.D., Gidiemmesmile, Nuova Franco Suisse Italia, OMEC, Rhein’83 and Tekne Dental. According to Simbios, their mem- ber companies are distinguished by the same work philosophy to high quality standard products and cus- tomized technical solutions. Over the years the collective Simbios strategy and the innovative spirit of its mem- bers have proven to be successful and the group has gained a leading position not only in the domestic and European markets but also interna- tionally, e.g. in the US, Russia, Middle East and Asia, they say. 7 SIMBIOS, ITALY Hall 11.2 Booth Q030–038, R033–039 SHOFUequipsMinimallyInvasiveCosmeticDentistry(MiCD)concept Simbios Group consolidates Italian quality at International Dental Show 5 Edarredo 5 Tekne Dental 5 B&B Dental implantology made easier by GEASS