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today IDS Cologne Show Preview

n One hundred and twenty years old but young at heart—this is how the Austrian dental manufacturer W&H is presenting itself at its anniversary. In 2007, the family-run company was the first worldwide to integrate ster- ilisable light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in rotating dental instruments. Introduced last year, LED maximum technology (LED+) is featuring opti- mal colour temperature and constant light quality, the highest lumen rat- ing as well as the ability for complete sterilisation. It also comes with the highest colour rendering index on the market (over 90) which the com- pany says creates a relaxing working environment due to high-contrast natural colour rendering. The colour rendering index (CRI) is an important aspect of artificial illumination methods, since a higher CRI value contributes significantly to well-being through improved vi- sual perception. Perfect colour ren- dering occurs at an index of 100. Conventional LEDs only attain a CRI of between 60 and 80. Also, the red component of these LEDs is too low— a considerable drawback for many medical applications. A CRI of more than 90 produces a high-contrast, natural rendering of red tones in the mouth. LED technology is avail- able in W&H’s new Synea turbines, Alegra contra-an- gle handpieces, and the company’s surgical straight and contra-angle hand- pieces. As the longest-standing manufacturer of dental handpieces and turbines in theworld,W&Hisrenowned for the outstanding quality of its products and social awareness. By supporting SOS Children’s Villages, W&Hhasbeenaidinganindependent international social development organisation for disadvantaged and orphaned children founded by Her- mann Gmeiner in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1949. The company will be sup- porting the SOS-initiated fa- mily strengthening programme in Kakiri, Uganda, as well as many small-scale more nation- al causes during its anniver- sary year. Finances for the programme are guaranteed for over two years, the company says. 7 W&H, AUSTRIA Hall 10.1 Booth C010–D011 industry28 Show Preview IDS Cologne 2011 n With the new Sorbet oral health line, the US company Keystone Industries introduces afreshnewrangeofmaterialsto professional dental hygienist at IDS. Amongst others, the prod- uct family contains fluoride gels, prophy pastes and topi- cal anesthetics in the fresh flavours of different Euro- pean deserts. According to the com- pany, the smooth and creamy Sorbet fluoride gel is currently the best tasting 60 second Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride Gel on the market. It has no bitter aftertaste and comes in many classical flavours (Mint, Cherry, Strawberry) as well as new exotic ones such Cotton Candy, Mango Smoothie or Marshmallow. With approxi- mately 160 single-arch ap- plications per bottle the gel is also very economical, the com- pany says. Sorbet fluoride from Keystone contains 1.23% Fluoride Ion and no gluten, therefore, it is suitable for patients with allergies. Due to its thixotropic formula that makes the gel viscous, it will not run during treatment to prevent patient from gagging. The gel is also available without dye. Keystone’s Dental Resources is a division of Keystone Industries, a US-based manufacturer of dental products. Besides dental hygiene products, the company also manu- factures and distributes a wide range of products for dental prac- tices and laboratories such as den- tal abrasives, lab sundries or curing equipment. 7 KEYSTONE INDUSTRIES, USA Hall 10.2 Booth T033 Choose surgical ergonomics and restorative freedom. Get the best out of your team, your time and your money and to put a smile on your patients’ faces. Choose our implant philosophy: 1 protocol, 3 connections, numerous restorative solutions and the first biomimetic surface for perfect osseointegration, . To sum it all up internal connection, transmucous connection, external connection The winning idea is The Duomo. Choose sur aThe w estgonomics and rl ergicaChoose sur darorwy ffoa eedom. Get the best out oe frativorest in implant our time and yeam, your tf yeedom. Get the best out o ology is At y and tour moneour time and y lian!aAll It o put a smile ony and t .geass.itwww our patienty ace fsurf o sum iTTo aces. Choose our implant philosophs’ four patient ation, .egrt osseointecor perfffo ll upo sum it a y MILANOaw int ocol, 3 connectoy: 1 praces. Choose our implant philosoph n, . tion,l connecerna y ROMAaw ous rtions, numerocol, 3 connec A tion,ansmucous connecrtMA e solutions and the firativorestous r tion, Ay VENEZaw l connecernaxteIA The winning idea is st biomimetice solutions and the fir tionl connec The winning idea is AD W&H presents the best in dental LED technology at IDS Sorbet complete oral health line for professional hygienists