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today IDS Cologne Show Preview

Sub- and supragingival air polishing as with the Air-Flow Master. Plus scaling as with the Piezon Master 700. It all adds up to three applications in one with the new Air-Flow Master Piezon, the latest development from the inventor of the Original Methods. Virtually no pain for the patients and extra-gentle on the gingival epithelium: maximum patient comfort is the decisive plus brought by the state-of-the-art Original Piezon Method. Not to mention the uniquely smooth tooth surfaces. These extra benefits are the result of linear oscillating action aligned with the tooth surface delivered by the Original EMS Swiss Instruments and matched perfectly to the new Original Piezon Handpiece LED. nstru tly to the n n Handpiece LED > Original Piezon LED handpiece with EMS Swiss Instrument PS > Original Air-Flow and Perio-Flow handpieces Proverbial Swiss precision combined w ith intel l igent i.Piezon technology. Getting rid of harmful biofilm down to the bottom of deep pockets. This is the essence of the Original Air- Flow Perio Method. The subgingival reduction in bacteria prevents tooth loss (periodontitis) or implant loss (periimplantitis). And uniform turbulence of the air-powder mixture and of water prevents soft- tissue emphysema – even when reaching beyond the boundaries of prophylaxis – due to the action of the Perio-Flow nozzle. And when the job at hand is conventional supragingival air polishing, nothing counts more than the unequaled efficacy of the Original Air-Flow Method. Effective, fast, reliable and stress- free treatment without damage to the connective tissue, no scratching of the tooth surface. Thanks to the gentle application of biokinetic energy. With the Air-Flow Master Piezon, it all adds up – from diagnosis and initial treatment to recall. Prophylaxis pros are invited to f ind out for themselves. For more on prophylaxis>