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today IDS Cologne Show Preview

Intuitive Power™ ©2011 The Dual Wavelength Waterlase iPlus Advancing Laser Technology to Its Ultimate NCOMPARABLE ACCESS & FIELD OF VISION NTUITIVE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE LASE 940nm DIODE LASER NCREDIBLE POWER No Pain, Therefore No Shot Necessary No Micro-fractures or Thermal Damage No Cross Contamination as with Burr Best Ergonomic & Smallest Design Cutting Speed that Surpasses the High Speed Handpiece and Any Other Dental Laser on the Market Cuts Faster and More Efficiently than Lasers with More Power Watts Combines 0.5-10 Watts Power with 100 Hz & Short Pulse for 600 mJ of Laser Energy Patented Laser Technology Step 1: Application Step 2: Procedure Step 3: No Shot/No Drill 5 Watts of Power with ComfortPulse Handheld & Ergonomic Battery Operated with Finger Switch Activation Proprietary Multi-diameter/Length Bendable Tips Single Use for NO Cross Contamination Visit us in Hall 04.2 L060/M061