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today IDS Cologne Show Preview

n More and more German dental equipment is exported to Asia, new figures released by the Association of German Dental Manufacturers have revealed.Accordingtothelatestmem- ber survey, 40 per cent of all manu- facturersreportedanincreaseofsales in that region in 2009. Less growth was observed in Western European and the US, the two main markets for German dental equipment. Total German dental exports fell by almost 10percentlastyearduetotheongoing financial economic turmoil in most parts of the world. At the same time, domestic sales increased by 2,5 per cent to over €1.62 billion. Germany currently exports over 50 per cent of its domestically-fabricated dental equipment abroad. VDDI chairman Dr Martin Rickert commented that the tense situation in the global economy has significantly affected consumer behaviour and will- ingness to invest in new equipment. Submarketshavealsoshownmixedre- sults during the course of the year. He added that despite the slow economic recovery, expectations for exports in 2010remainpositivewiththegrowing interest in aesthetic-driven solutions and increasing standards of living in emerging countries like Brazil, Russia, India or China accelerating demand. With a total turnover of over €3 billion, Germany is the second largest market for dental equipment worldwide only surpassed by the United States. 7 news04 Show Preview IDS Cologne 2011 Asia largest growth market for German dental equipment Industry remains positive for International Dental Show despite falling exports in 2009/2010 AD n Most major dental markets in Europe achieved growth rates above 3 per cent last year, the 2010 report by the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe (ADDE) in Switzerland has re- vealed.Francehadthehighestgrowth rates in 2009 with 20 per cent, fol- lowed by the United Kingdom (7,4 per cent) and Germany (3,2 per cent). Despite being the second largest manufacturer of dental equipment in Europe, the market in Italy shrank by 5,9 per cent, according to the report. The report also showed that sales for dental units and equipment grew by 5,3 per cent, while sales of con- sumables remained steady. While the market for laboratory equipment in- creased slightly, sales of CAD/CAM units did not show any significant growth. In general, the data indicate a slight increase of the number of prac- tising dentists over Europe (+0.4 per cent), while the number of dental laboratories declined by 1.7 per cent. The total sales volume shows—despite of almost worldwide economic turbu- lences—an increase of 2.8 per cent, as reported by the 2010 Dental market report, published by ADDE, in coordi- nation with FIDE. The AADE report, which is being published annually since more than 15 years, cover European dental mar- ket trends and developments in over 15 European countries. Representing the interests of more than 960 dental dealer organisations, the Association aims to co-ordinate and represent col- lective interests of both the dental in- dustry and trade on a European level. The report can be purchased for €260 through the Associations web- site at 7 Dentistry in Europe Markets defy economic gloom,ADDE reports (DTI/Photo Ko Germany)