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n Increasing numbers of elderly peo- ple and more demand for high-quality dental aesthetics are cited among rea- sons for an increase in global demand for the services of dental laboratories. According to a new report, the world market for dental laboratories is pro- jected to exceed US$14.5 billion by the year 2015. The report, by Global Industry An- alysts, a publisher of market research, states that dental laboratories are wit- nessing a significant increase in de- mand for dental prosthetics as well as other restoratives. The report also cites theincreasingpurchasingpowerofthe babyboomgenerationasanotherfactor driving the dental laboratory market. The United States represents the largest market for dental laboratories worldwide, according to the report. The scarcity of technicians and avail- abilityofmodernrestorativetechnolo- gies and systems are driving dental laboratories to deliver quality dental restorations to dentists on time. Out- sourcing is a key element in the U.S. dental laboratory industry. The report, titled Dental Labo- ratories: A Global Strategic Business Report, provides a comprehensive review of dental laboratories, mar- ket trends, recent industry activity, and focus on market participants. The study analyses market data and analytics in terms of value sales for regions, including The United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the rest of the world. 7 trends 09Show Preview IDS Cologne 2011 WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE AND YOU'LL MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW! SIMBIOS Viale Aldo Moro, 22 40127 Bologna -Italy +39 051 299500 +39 051 377346 Visit our companies at 2011 HALL11.2 i n f o @ s i m b i o s g r o u p . c o m w w w. s i m b i o s g r o u p . c o m World Leader in Spherical Attachments! EDARREDO Stand Q-038 R-039 TKD TEKNE DENTAL Stand Q-030 RHEIN’83 Stand Q-034 GIDIEMMESMILE Stand R-033 OMEC Stand Q-032 B&B DENTAL Stand R-035 AD n A joint research team from Kuwait andtheUKhasreportedalinkbetween dental X-rays and increased numbers ofthyroidcancer.AfterfactoringX-rays taken of 300 patients in a hospital in Kuwait, they found that men and women who had had up to four dental X-raysweremorethantwiceaslikelyto have developed the disease than those who had never had any dental X-rays. For those patients who had had be- tween five and nine X-rays, their risk rosemorethanfour-fold.Althoughthy- roidcancerisoneoftheleastdeadliest cancers, incident rates have almost doubled in recent years. The findings are consistent with previous reports of increased risk of thyroid cancer in dentists, dental assis- tants, technicians and X-ray workers, suggesting that sensitivity of the thy- roid to radiation is not necessarily re- latedtodirectirradiationofthatorgan but to any exposure to ionizing radia- tion. Besides thyroid cancer, signifi- cantriskshavebeenalsoobservedfor leukaemia and cancers of the breast. The researchers warned that the results of their study “should be treatedwithcaution”becausethedata wasbasedonself-reportingbythepar- ticipantsandthefactthatotherfactors could be contributing to the increase in thyroid cancer cases. Further re- searchisrequiredtoconfirmtheexact effect of dental X-rays, the added. “Itisimportantthatourstudyisre- peated with information from dental records, including frequency of X-rays, age and dose at exposure,” Dr Anjum Memon, Senior Lecturer and consult- ant in Public Health Medicine at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, who led the study, said. “If the results are confirmed, then the use of X-rays as a necessary part of evaluation for new patients, and routine periodic dental radiography, particularly for children and adolescents, will need to be reconsidered, as will a greater use of lead collar protection.” 7 Dental X-rayslinked to cancer Long-term exposure to increase risk by 200 per cent Global lab revenues projected to exceed US$14.5 billion by 2015 Increasing demand for dental prosthesis and purchasing power of baby boom generation are main factors for market growth