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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 27, 2016

exhibitors 48 Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 27, 2016 By Medidenta Staff n The Air-Free™ 90S is the newest addition to the Air-Free handpiece series. The Air-Free 90S is the only 90-degree surgical high-speed on the market, according to Medidenta, the company behind it. It provides a com- pletely air-free oral cavity, making it great for surgical and periodontic procedures, such as flap/osseous sur- gery and erupted tooth extractions. These procedures are often used with a 45-degree angulated handpiece; however, this can create an awkward angle for the practitioner to work with. The 90-degree angle of the Air- Free90Sprovidesamorecomfortable angle and less strain to help clinicans reach the procedure site. For maximum safety, there are no air vents out of the head of the hand- piece. All air is vented through the dedicated pilot holes located on the back-end. The Air-Free 90S handpiece also delivers 20-plus watts of power for smooth, constant and safe cutting, according to the company. Get an air-free oral cavity with new handpiece Ad Here in New York To take a look at the Air-Free 90S and the other handpieces in the Air-Free series, stop by the Medidenta booth, No. 916. 5 (Photos/Provided by Medidenta)

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