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CAD/CAM - international magazine of digital dentistry

I 03 editorial _ CAD/CAM I CAD/CAM 2_2015 _Digital dental procedures areincreasinglybecominganessentialpartofthedailyrou- tineinthemoderndentalpractice.Theyrenderpatientmanagementandtreatmentplanning processes more economical and increase time efficiency. At IDS 2015, digital technologies thus became a core subject, many exhibitors presented their latest product solutions in the field. At IDS 2015, the digital technology offerings available for dental practices formed a focal point for all visitors in the fields of dentistry and dental technology. The exhibited product ranges contribute to simplifying workflows and, as a result, to re- ducing treatment times. They create synergies with the digital range for dental laboratories, yielding positive implications for practice management and therapeutic procedures. That is why the state of the art in digital technology for dental practices was a major topic at IDS 2015, said Dr Martin Rickert, Chairman of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers. Presented products included software for efficient patient management and integrated treatment planning, as well as digital imaging devices, including CBCT and CT, which have been used alongside conventional radiographic techniques in recent years. IDS 2015 gave also special attention to digital scanners, which offer a wide range of ad- vantagesforpatient-specificrestorationsandimplantplanning.Inparticular,intraoralscan- ners were in the spotlight, as they have contributed significantly to making prosthetic treat- ment workflows simplifier and more precise. Overall, both patients and dentists benefit from the use of digital technologies. They help shorten treatment time and reduce the number of work stages, and enable the dentist to im- mediatelyexamineandexplainpreparationsonscreen.Furthermore,thedatagainedthrough digital procedures can be quickly processed in the dental practice and sent to dental labora- tories. You will find more information about this year’s IDS inside the issue. DTI Digital technology determines daily routine in modern dental practice

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