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industry news _ Interdent I CCPOWER,CCCOSMOandCCTRENDYareman- ufactured using only the best, as is evident from the spindle produced by Jäger, one of the top mak- ersofspindlesforCNCmachines.Itspneumatictool changer and power enable faster milling without affecting precision. Thematerialsthatcanbemilledbytheunitscome in the form of discs measuring 98mm in diameter and include cobalt–chromium, titanium, zirconium, PMMA, wax and composite. There is also an adapter for minor blocks, so that CC POWER, CC COSMO and CCTRENDYcanalsobeusedtoprocessglass-ceramic and other blocks. These blocks are processed using diamond burs and water-cooling (Figs. 3 & 4). The milling calculations and the management of movements are controlled by electronic systems that meet the highest industrial standards. The user operates the unit via a tablet computer installed on a special stand and running the Windows 8 operat- ing system. Ourdevelopmentfocusedonprovidinguserswith an excellent system that will guarantee top quality and precision, be easy to use and protect users from additional costs due to licence fees. For this reason, we use the Sum 3D CAM software with our CAD/CAM units. It is used to plan for milling and is considered one of the best pro- grams in dentistry. Upon purchas- ing the program, the user re- ceives a licence for unlimited use, so no subsequent pay- mentsofmonthlyorannual licence fees are required. Furthermore, our vision guidedustoofferacompre- hensiveCAD/CAMsystemthat would, in addition to the CC POWER,CCCOSMOandCCTRENDY milling units with open Sum 3D soft- ware,includeascanner.Wesearchedforthebest and included the Identica Blue Scanner (Medit) and exocad DentalCAD in our product range (Fig. 5). Identica Blue convinced us with its reliability, pre- cision(lessthan10µm),scanningspeed(e.g.antago- nists can be scanned in only 35 seconds), cutting- edge blue light scanning technology, wide area (al- lowingthescanningofmodelsinanarticulator),and, naturally,abilitytoexportfilesinanopenSTLformat, which provides freedom in CAD/CAM technology. The logical next step was to upgrade the Identica Blue scanner with the verified, compatible Exocad DentalCADsoftware,whichisnotedforitseasyhan- dling and wide selection of modules (crowns, links, inlays, veneers, onlays, primary crowns, implants, virtual articulator, shafts, model design, temporary substitutes, TruSmile, etc.). The thing that most im- presses every user is the setting of the preparation limit, which is done at the click of a button, offering a major advantage over other available software. By means of the above, we took a step closer to most users; however, some still find an investment in CAD/CAM technology too expensive with regard to their needs. This mostly applies to small labo- ratories. Therefore, we came up with the ideatooffersuchusersmillingservices. Asaresult,theInterdentMillingCen- tre was established this year, in which CAD/CAM experts see to it that orders are received and restorationsaremadetoorderand delivered in a few working days. This way, laboratories can offer an Fig. 2_Bur holder in the CC POWER unit. Fig. 3_Milled CC Disk NF CoCr. Fig. 4_Adapter for milling minor blocks. I 41CAD/CAM 2_2015

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