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I industry news _ Nobel Biocare _The NobelProcera FCZ (full-contour zirconia) Implant Crown combines full-contour strength that is sufficiently robust for the poste- riorregionwithsuperbrestorative flexibility—andallwithnocement in sight. CAD/CAM manufactured using high-strength translucentzirconia—inwhichangulatedscrewchan- nels can be created—the NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown is designed for predictable strength, aesthet- ics and function. _No cement, no chipping, no problems The strength of the FCZ Implant Crown makes it suitable for all tooth positions, ensuring predictabil- ity even under the high occlusal forces of the poste- rior region, which makes it an ideal restoration for molars. There is no need to worry about veneer chip- ping either, as the full-contour characteristics of the NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown eliminate the need for veneering. The biocompatibility of the materials usedrepresentsanadditionalbenefitbysup- porting biological stability in the areas whereitmattersmost.Plus,beingscrew retained,theFCZImplantCrowniscom- pletelycementfree,eliminatingtherisks associated with excess cement. Even the titanium adapter is mechanically retained. As it can be placed in the posterior re- gion,theFCZImplantCrowngivesclinicians the opportunity to increase the number of screw-retainedrestorationstheyplace.This meansmorepatientstreatedwitharestora- tive solution that is easier to maintain and retrieve—andallwithoutcement. The NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown is designed forusewithNobelBiocare’sextensiverangeofconical connection implants. Combining Nobel Biocare com- ponentsmeansthatalltheelementscanbetrustedto work together seamlessly for the perfect treatment outcome. _Not veneered, but engineered With the angulated screw channel option, the screw access hole can be placed anywhere between 0degreesand25degreeswithina360-degreeradius. This means that it can be angled towards the front of the mouth for easy access even in tight posterior spaces;italsomeansthattheaccesschanneldoesnot need to be placed on the cusp of the tooth, where it might affect occlusion. Working on the restoration is further simplified with the associated Omnigrip Screwdriver. Its effec- tive pick-up function and secure grip on the screw help the clinician to work safely and efficiently. Natural-looking tooth colour is another benefit offered by the FCZ Implant Crown. Whicheveroftheeightavailableshades is used, the colour will be uniform throughout the material. This means ad- justmentscanbemadewithouthaving to worry about discoloration. Further- more,cut-backsorstainingcanbeused to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. For patients, clinicians and dental lab- oratories looking for restorations can rely on, the NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown provides extraordinary strength for long- term predictability and delivers restora- tive flexibility too. As a result, it is well on its way to becoming the crown that rules them all!_ Fig. 1_Combining strength with restorative flexibility, the NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown is the ideal solution for the posterior region. The crown that rules them all: NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown Patients, clinicians and dental laboratories all want restorations they can rely on Author_ Michael Stuart, Nobel Biocare, Switzerland 46 I CAD/CAM 2_2015 Nobel Biocare Balsberg Balz-Zimmermann-Str.7 8302 Kloten Switzerland bringinginnovationback CAD/CAM_contact Fig. 2_The NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown can incorporate an angulated screw channel. This offers easy access to the restoration and can maintain the occlusal function. Fig. 2 Fig. 1

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